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July 15, 2010

I’m flying out today to shoot MOOLAH! in Boston on Saturday!

Miami episode shoot was fantastic – no rain, no Moolah! truck stuck in the sand, no overtime, no over budget, no shortage of contestants and TONS of great moments and even a $300 winner! ($300 is the most a team can win). However, the start of the day was tough. Without a familiar crew, a tech scout, an AD, or a pre-production meeting with crewheads, and with the challenge of producing and shooting a live event that has never been rehearsed, the first half of the day had some stumbles to say that least. The crew rallied and with Gabe and my direction were able to find our way through the growing pains.

By afternoon, we got in a rhythm and cranked through contestants, draw big crowds, and get covered by the Miami Herald. I’m so impressed

Our host (Coronado) and his co-star, the Moomobile.

withCoronado’s (our host) ability to perform on the fly and engage strangers and pull a crowd, he’s the PERFECT guy for this role. Apparently the spectators thought so too. Check out the pics of him signing cowbells for little girls asking for his autograph.

I can’t wait to see how great everything goes in Boston now that we’ve run the show once. After that shoot, I want to do a post about the differences in directing something like MOOLAH! (live, game show, in public with the public) and scripted, narrative stuff. They inform each other but are completely and “udderly” different.

Wish me luck this Saturday!


The Last Weekend

June 20, 2010

In nine days, we start shooting two of the three branded webseries that I’m directing (and wrote). There’s a weekend in between now and then, but I’m treating this one as if it’s my last weekend until the Palm Springs bachelorette party for Kristen (July 24).

Next Saturday and Sunday are sure to be full of the last minute preps for production and truly inviting my director brain to the party. That said, my one treat is that I will be seeing LOST MOON RADIO at 11 on Friday at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. This show KILLED me last time so I’m looking forward to a repeat laugh-athon.

The weekend after next, we’ll be recovery from the three days in LA — one day on a greenscreen to film an in-studio news spoof  show(we’re using a virtual set), one at house in the valley for the 0n-location news segments as well as a teaser video (lit backdrop, charming host, short script) promoting the cooking show we’re shooting in December, and day three will be in Los Feliz at a park and a street for more news packages.  Fourth of July BBQs and beer will be a must after these days.

That said, I know my weekend won’t be a holiday — we don’t get our trivia questions for the traveling game show we shoot the following week until right after the LA shoot. I’m sure my producer and I will be carding the questions and juggling all the last minute prep needs. We’ll be shooting in Miami on Saturday 7/10 and Boston on Saturday 7/17.  Let’s hope for no rain, folks.

I like the schedule. We start with content that is the most scripted and technically-aware (virtual set, etc.).  We hit a groove mid-shoot with a full day of really funny segments and some simple, beauty-type stuff.  We end on an easy day, with my favorite of all four news episodes (spoofing a Big Foot Sighting but we’ve “sighted’ something that is relevant to our brand and is hilarious). We’ll be outdoors, in the sunshine and with the smallest cast of all three days.

Then we’re on the road, and I’m very excited about the Boston and Miami stuff. It’s more akin to the last content I directed — documentary!  The trivia shows aren’t scripted and we’re engaging with the public in great, memorable, high-foot traffic locations. Plus, the “stage” for our show is an amazing, customized ice cream truck themed to match our show… can’t wait to show you the picks and give you the specifics. Directing our host, the crowd, the shots will demand high energy and a distinct on-my-toes-ness that I love. Just like everything else, as long as I do my homework, I’ll be fine. The biggest (and perhaps the reason I’m most excited) is that the “live event” shooting is FAST! No waiting for lights, make-up, set-ups. We go, go, go and as you go, go, go, some pretty exceptional magic can happen… and if it doesn’t, well, the moment is over and you did your best. No looking back.

Seth Caplan, my producer on APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER and friend whose wedding I’m officiating in August, is producing an indie feature that Dominique (QUEEN OF CACTUS COVE, KITTY LANDERS) is shooting. I’m headed out to try and get a peek at their awesome circus set before I get a “last weekend” facial with Lila.

Where Have I Been?

May 17, 2010

I’m prepping a branded webseries!  Actually three of them. It’s a great project  that makes me laugh and the overall tone is right up my alley – funny, fresh and joyful.

We’re shooting in about a month in LA, Boston and Miami. Each series is a totally different genre than the others, so it’s exciting to be conceive three distinct approaches, narratives and looks. I know we will knock this one out of the park, but I also think I’m going to learn a lot because of the range of genre.

I’m glad that I have some of my favorites on the team, including Gabe from SLOPPY FIRSTS land who is line producing for me. We’ll deliver at the end of August right after I officiate my friends’ wedding and celebrate my 30th birthday. This is a big year, but I think the next will be even bigger.

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