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My One Hundred and Forty Seconds in 2009

July 13, 2010

Last summer, I was asked to be one of the directors to contribute to Frank Kelly’s groundbreaking project “140.”  Inspired by mass communication’s newest crush Twitter, “140” was made when 140 people in 140 locations around the world shoot 140 seconds of what connects them to their home. The result – a feature length documentary of poignant moments captured around the world at the same time.

On the date we all simultaneously filmed, I was inspired by my horoscope(s) for the day.  My 140 seconds is now available for viewing here!

As you’d suspect (and as the conceit behind “140” suggests), this all seems so connected… I’m in the midst of directing three awesome branded webseries and just yesterday Twittered about Kickstarter’s film fest of web-financed films it has subsided.  The creator/curator of “140”, Frank Kelly, whom I met and befriended at a film festival three years ago, wrote a piece for Moving Picture magazine in May. An excerpt from that article sums up what I’m getting at: “This kind of Web 2.0 community filmmaking is a new way to make films, and perhaps we will see a different kind of film emerge. I think this is what lies at the heart of Web 2.0. We can find collaborators. We can develop ideas 1,000 miles apart.”

It is a difficult time to be a filmmaker for a the gobs of reasons my colleagues love to remind each other of, but let’s admit it, it’s an exciting time too.  Considering how many and how much I love the films created in the U.S. in the 1970’s as well as the plethora of renowned directors who emerged during (and possibly because of) that revolutionary time (in cinema history),  I have often wondered with awe what it must have been like to be a filmmaker then.  Perhaps one day, filmmakers will look back on these days and wonder the same thing.


Support 140: The Film

April 20, 2010

Last June, 140 filmmakers in 140 locations simultaneously each filmed 140 seconds of “whatever they felt connected them to their home.” Frank Kelly organized the twitter-inspired production and edited the pieces together into a feature film. There was NO budget and Frank has never met or spoken to 90% of the filmmakers. This was all about the internet connecting us, baby. Frank finished the film just a few months ago. Congrats, Frank and the 140-team!

I contributed my 140 seconds to the project and got one of my images on the poster. (Shell with paper fortune, bottom left.)

On the eve of 140’s world premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival (4/23, 8pm, Edwards Island 6 Theaters, Newport Beach, CA), we’re raising money to print DVDs, make screening tapes, and pay for festival entry fees. Frank has set the deadline of May 1 to reach his target or he won’t use a penny of the money… even if he’s almost to the goal. Badass guy, huh?

Click HERE to watch the 140 trailer or support the film!

WIRED covers 140

July 6, 2009
stairs – climb every day.
pics frineds – still but alive. moments make the whole
hidden in trees – behind me always the foundation
skylight – looking up for divine inspiration or escaping in frustration
shell – the places we will go but always come home
buddha  – looking over me, knowing calmness in me.
message board – life. the messages in the mess.
the view – present, now, staticc, always changing, thing the same

wiredCheck out more press in WIRED about the Twitter-inspired 140 PROJECT that I directed a segment of on June 21.

“140 Project” Shoots this Sunday

June 16, 2009

On June 21 at 8pm (gmt) (that’s 1pm in LA) I will shoot a feature.140_logo_FK

Say what?!?!

A few months ago I accepted Frank Kelly‘s invitation to participate in his 140 Project. Frank is a talented and very innovative Irish filmmaker who I met at the Heartland Film Festival in 2006 when our short films (his Emily’s Song; mine Queen of Cactus Cove) screened together.  I’m thrilled to be a part of his newest endeavor.  Here’s the concept:

  1. 140 filmmakers
  2. 140 locations
  3. 140 seconds

Not clear yet? I thought so.  Here’s the concept in Frank’s words:

This project is about connection. How the Internet connects us. How twitter presents a unique way to be a part of someone’s life as it happens. I want you to capture what connects you to the place you live: The landscapes, cityscapes, the way the wind blows through the trees by your house, the way cars screech down the highway, the way a lover sleeps, or even makes toast, the smile of your child or grandmother… whatever it may be. What is special about your home? Your job is to capture that in 140 seconds. So be prepared.

140 of us are going to shoot on Sunday at the same exact minute – signaled by Frank’s Twitter tweet. Which means I have to get on Twitter… but that’s another posting.  When we are done shooting 140 seconds, we send the UNCUT footage to Frank.  He will edit all of the material into a “feature length visual dedication to our cities, our homes, this vision and the 140 seconds that connected all of us while creating this piece.”

I know what I’m going to shoot.  It involves the Sunday newspaper, a little arts and crafts, and destiny. Ooh, la, la.  I’ll report back on how it goes next week.

Interesting sidenote:  As the word on 140 has spread, interest has increased.  Zach Helm has joined the project. Zach wrote Stranger than Fiction (Dustin Hoffman, Will Ferrell, Emma Thompson) and wrote/directed Mr. Magorium’s Magical Emporium.

For more on this exciting project, check out the awesome press Frank has been generating for us and the project (Niiiice Frank!):

“Twitter, The Movie: Director Frank Kelly Talks 140 (Paste Magazine)

“Kelly Preps New Short Film & Twitter Doc” (The Irish Film & Television Network website)

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