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Me and Sloppy

September 24, 2010

Last week Easy A, a female-driven teen comedy, landed second in the box office and Sophie Jordan’s young adult novel, Firelight, was nabbed by Mandalay Pictures, Entertainment Weekly’s “Pop Watch” blog asked What Young Adult Novel Should Hollywood Adapt Next?

At the top of EW’s list is Megan McCafferty‘s Sloppy Firsts. I couldn’t agree more. Sloppy Firsts has moved hundreds of thousands of readers to LOL, scream OMG! ♥ Marcus Flutie, and find a BFF in Jessica Darling, the series’ protagonist. I’m one of those readers, and for the last five years I’ve been thinking of the book as a film. In Jessica’s one-of-a-kind voice, the novel brilliantly, hilariously, and heartbreakingly captures the humor and drama of the teen experience. Jessica “Notso” Darling is an unforgettable, modern day heroine who we’ve been waiting for since Molly Ringwald abandoned the throne.

My absolute passion for Megan’s NYT best selling “Jessica Darling” series lead Gabe Reiter (Taurus Road Productions) and I to option Sloppy Firsts with The Operating Room earlier this year.

Since then I adapted the book to a screenplay. The script is now being considered by buyers who will hopefully agree with EW’s rallying call and the huge audience who spent around $791 million supporting the Twilight franchise and who are certainly hungry for their own Hughes-esque classic. I know I am.


Yes. I Saw It.

November 27, 2009

In fact, we went on opening night — Friday 23rd. 12 of us. I made the signs for Team Jacob AND Team Edward because I’m that fun.

But don’t be confused. I’m 100% Team Jacob.

And I’m 100% happy that the movie is making mega bucks and proving that teenage girls and women can carry a movie to the top of the box office BIG time. These are the people that I love making movies for.  If they continue to prove their market value, it’s more likely that I and others will be able to make movies for ’em.


November 26, 2009

Before the Thanksgiving festivities of the Bowles’ home got hub-bubbing with five grandchildren under the age of 10, 3 more Bowles sisters (LAB’s the youngest of 4), all of their hubbies, a redheaded mother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Bowles, a cat named Minka (that’s got a mean pyscho feline stare) and best friends visiting from other states (that includes me), I finished reading Megan McCafferty’s FOURTH COMINGS from my air mattress at the foot of Leigh Anne’s bed.  And I immediately want to get the next (and final) book in the Jessica Darling series, PERFECT FIFTHS.

The Marcus and Jessica love story is in my top ten of ficitional romances probably because it feels far from fictional.  My own experiences in love could be a novel, and Megan’s that good; she knows the power of forbidden love in teenagerdom.  See her recent dissection of TWILIGHT.


FOURTH COMINGS takes place over a week that starts with Marcus proposing to Jesica and ends with Jessica’s rejection of his hand. It’s final pages are a letter from Marcus to Jessica.  Megan has never done this before — the previous novels are written in Jessica’s first person, diary entry form.  But everything is different now.  Marcus and Jessica’s relationship has taken a hairpin turn in it’s destiny and for the first time since they unsuspectingly connected to each other they are separate.  Jessica is letting go of Marcus for the first time ever.  In response, Megan finally gives us Marcus’ voice, a glimpse into his perspective. It’s a brilliant cliffhanger and a genius transition into the 5th book, which is written in third person.

His final words to Jessica are achingly beautiful because of their honesty and pain. After a story of how the Asian calligraphy tattoo he got when he was a druggie didn’t say ‘forever’ as he thought but translates to ‘whatever,’ Marcus says:

“My proposal to you could not have been more sincere. But it seems that my life is imitating badly executed skin art, turning my intentions for FOREVER into something else altogether. And so I’ll let you go, and let it be.

Whatever, Marcus”

From my air mattress, I saw Marcus and Jessica are grappling with the very un-Disney reality that sometimes just because you love someone and they love you, it’s not enough.  For all the unforgettable sparks Marcus and Jessica have provided us fans, this truth is just as worthy of our admiration.  It’s akin to Megan NOT letting them get together at the end of book one.  I love Marcus and Jessica so much because they are real.  And them parting is heartbreaking but it is real.

The next book takes place three years later for the duration of one day.  A meaningful day.  It’s the day Jessica and Marcus run into each other at an airport having not seen, heard from, or spoken to each other since Jessica’s answering of his proposal.

I want to read it immediately but I’m also scared to.  It’s a precious commodity: the last available NEW Jessica Darling material on the planet… for now.

AFI Alum Dinner: We Ate Steak

March 18, 2009

We = Sixty-seven AFI alumni, including some of my absolute favorite friends and collaborators as well as older alums who I’ve wanted to meet.

Ate = Without exception of non-chewing activities like drinking, talking really loud, bashing and praising Watchmen, brainstorming films featuring St. Paddy’s Day (Curtis Pierce wins with Leprechaun), and seeing people we hadn’t seen in years — yes, I’m talking about you Kevin Abrams. I’m so glad you aren’t dead!

Steak = Imagine a huge hunk of medium-rare meat the size of your paperback of Twilight. Thank you, Mr. Morton. I can’t even believe I was considering ordering the salmon. Thank you, Sarah for scowling at the notion.

The Two Bobs (Dean Robert Mandel and Bob Gazzale) and Allen J. Bernstein hosted the event benefiting the AFI Conservatory Scholoraship Fund, and Cathy Wischner-Sola (Alumni Coordinator & my former writing prof) organized it. Thanks to Cathy, this year’s dinner focused on bringing more young’uns into the nexus, which is one reason I was thrilled to host a table.


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