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POV on Soulless Hipsters

August 10, 2011

A new addition to the viral video series featuring irrelevant subtitles against footage from the 2004 film Downfall was created in response to AFI’s #1 ranking on THR‘s list of top film schools on the planet. I’ve enjoyed most of the videos in this spoof viral series (the one in which Hitler finds out he wasn’t accepted into Hogwarts has 77,300 views), but this edition (haha, only 2,300 views) was extra special since the subject matter was personal. The video made me laugh because I am on of those/love those “soulless hipsters” causing Hitler’s rage.  And it’s easy to laugh when you’re number 1 on the list.

But for the record:

1. I have yet to make a film about horse sex. Not yet. Never will. Not this “fellow.”

2. They definitely got something right — I’ll talk to you about POV all day long.


AFI Now Needs a Fight Song

July 28, 2011

AFI (the American Film Institute) is my alma mater — Directing Class’05, baby! Woo-whoop!

I have big love for the school and the Directing Program. I learned an incredible amount about my craft in the classroom and on the zillions of AFI sets (mine and other AFI fellows’) that I worked on. I also met of some of my best friends and best collaborators during that harrowing/beautiful two years.

Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter ranked AFI as the #1 Film School in the world.

Repeat: IN THE WORLD. Congratulations, AFI!

We even graded higher than Bejing’s Film Academy, which at number three does sound like a pretty dang cinematic institution considering this byte: “if one film school anywhere in the world has shaped a whole nation, it’s the Beijing Film Academy.” And I thought getting into AFI was tought? Beijing only takes 500 out of their 100,000 applicants.

We also ranked about NYU which is a personal sweetness to me because though I really enjoy much of the work its alumni create and am fans/friends of many of its graduates, I had the worst interrogation experience of my life when they asked me to come into interview as a prospective grad student.

The Hollywood Reporter describes AFI as an unrivaled stomping ground for auteurs. It’s quite a compliment, and I agree with it whole-heartedly. It’s one of the many reasons AFI has always been #1 on my list.

KLS in The Hollywood Reporter

September 18, 2008

After The Kitty Landers Show received two big wins (Best Family Pilot, Best Actress) at the NYTVF, we got some mini coverage when The Hollywood Reporter did a winners roundup!  

Here’s the scoop from September 17th issue:

‘Teachers’ gets apple at NYTVF
Fest celebrates independent TV programming
By Paul J. Gough

NEW YORK — Several comedy pilots were among the big winners Wednesday at the fourth annual New York Television Festival, which celebrates independent TV programming.

“Teachers,” a sitcom about a teacher at a suburban public school, received the 2008 NYTVF People’s Choice Award. The pilot from Jim Garvey starred “American Idol” finalist Constantine Maroulis along with Katherine Holland, Sarah Litzinger and Noah Starr. It was voted upon by festival attendees.

Winning the Fox-NYTVF Comedy Script Contest was “Selling Hell,” Mike Maloney’s creation about a divorced couple who has to work in marketing in Hell. Maloney will receive $25,000 and a Fox development deal.

“Below the Law,” about two brothers who have to wait to get into the police academy, won for best comedy pilot. It was created by Dan Levy and Steve Basilone of Los Angeles. “Hit Factor,” about three actors who moonlight as hit men in Hollywood, won for best drama pilot.

It was created by Jamie Rosenblatt and Neil Hopkins of L.A.

The winners were picked among 36 pilots.

Other honors included:
Best family pilot: “The Kitty Landers Show,” created by Chris Potocki, Regina Taufen and Anna Christopher (Venice, Calif.); best nonscripted pilot: “The Road,” created by Frank Mosca and Mike DeStefano (Bronx, N.Y.); best animation pilot: “Tickle Me Silly,” created by Miguel Martinez-Joffe (Jersey City, N.J.); best Web series pilot: “The Prisoner,” created by Karin Williams (New York).

Also winning awards were Nick Offerman, best actor for “The Department”; Taufen, best actress for “Kitty Landers“; Timothy Nash, Hayden Grubb and Lucas Crandles, best writing for “Wentworth and Buxbury”; Jon Pivko, best directing for “Triboro”; and Bill Rampley, best nonscripted host/star for “Bill Rampley’s Southern Comfort.”

The Outside the Box Award went to “Food Party,” a cooking show.

The Hollywood Reporter was among the festival sponsors.


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