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Mr. Millionaire Man

February 8, 2011

“Pug Attack,” the Dorito’s Super Bowl commercial that my friend and Moovision editor JR Burningham created, received enough online votes that it aired in the first quarter of the big game!

But that’s not the OMG news…“Pug Attack” tied for FIRST PLACE in USA Today’s Ad Meter.

This means that JR wins $1 million!!!

Next time he and I are in the edit room together, he’s buying lunch. And dinner.

Congratulations to JR and his producer, Tess!  Plus, I want to send out a HUGE thanks to anyone who read my post about JR and “Pug Attack” and voted for it to support these great filmmakers.

Here’s JR’s life-changing masterpiece if you didn’t catch it on Sunday:


Pug Attack!

January 7, 2011

I’m sitting next to a celebrity!  Well, he’s certainly a celebrity in Pug Nation and soon, hopefully, he will be know all across the country.

Next to me is JR Burningham, my Moovision editor! But he’s so much more than that – great guy, boyfriend of Tess, SLC-native, USC film grad, screenwriter and director, and…. the creator of “Pug Attack,” which is one of five finalists in the Doritos®-sponsored “Crash the Super Bowl” contest!

Doritos® issued a challenge for fans to write, shoot and submit their best idea for a Doritos® commercial. Over 5,000 entries were submitted and the list has been narrowed down to five finalists. Now it’s time for YOU to decide that “Pug Attack” should be sprung on the approximate 106.5 million people who will watch the Super Bowl. The top 3 vote-grabbing commercials will be air during Super Bowl XLV! Click here to Vote!

This means that as JR and I work on the final tweaks to the GOURMOO COOKOFF episodes,* he’s responding to support from pug-lovers worldwide and taking calls from the press. Ahem, I believe the Wall Street Journal is calling later this after. YES!!!

The best news?  “Pug Attack” is hilarious. I cracked up the first time I saw — litarally LOLed.  This is not the situation in which you vote for your friend’s video because it’s your friend’s video. Nope. You vote for “Pug Attack” because it’s good. You can hold your head high and support this pug with pride.

There’s more: if any of the top 3 commercials is selected as the best by USA Today Ad Meter, Doritos® will award the makers of that commercial $1,000,000! A second place selection wins $600,000 and a third place selections wins $400,000. If the 3 Doritos® commercials take USA Today Ad Meter’s top 3 spots then everyone wins an extra $1,000,000!

I want to know a millionaire: please vote for JR’s “Pug Attack.”

*The five GOURMOO episodes are coming along beautifully!  Everyone on the team is so happy with the shows, and I’m thrilled with everything from Chris Westlake‘s music to our host Eric Rosen‘s performance to the lovable contestants and judges to the perfect makeup by Desirae Cherman to the gorgeous sets by Scott Enge.

New Installment of TSILA?

September 22, 2009

Regina and I are kicking around  the idea of shooting a few new THEY SAY IN LOS ANGELES (TSILA) after we post on FUNNY OR DIE next week.  If we shoot again, we’ll focus on bringing back people’s favorite characters (who were your faves?) and optimizing on current events and timely topics.

Examples: Caroline is getting ready to throw a college football (superbowl?) party. Angela wants to pay her respects to Michael and tries to visit his final resting place. Magda ways in on healthcare after she visits the emergency room with a sprained ankle from a dancing accident.

Let me know who you want to see do more TSILA and what you want them to be about.  If we can do it, R and I will carve out an afternoon this Fall of painless shooting and get more TSILA in the can.

Regina as Veronica on our first TSILA shoot in April '09.

Regina as Veronica on our first TSILA shoot in April '09.

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