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Sloppy First’s Announcement on “Oh No They Didn’t”

October 19, 2011

Thanks to Oh No They Didn’t! (a celebrity gossip site with member commentary) for excitement for the SLOPPY FIRSTS movie and great shout-out to me! I am thrilled to see all the great ONTD member posts – 303 and counting, boom. And I am, of course, reading them all. Love you, Sloppy Champions of the World. We gotta come up with a name for all of us who love Jessica Darling and Megan‘s books and want to see them go from PAGE TO SCREEN. Little Darlings? Sloppy Peeps? Coolest Crews? If you’ve got a suggestion, post it here!

I’m also catching up on my gossip on my celeb gossip on ONTD. It’s a win-win.

I’ve Never Experienced This Before

September 9, 2011

The fans of Megan McCafferty‘s novel SLOPPY FIRSTS are wowing me. They are incredibly smart, funny, articulate, fun and passionate. I always knew this — heck, I’m one of them — but the outpouring of support, faith, thoughtfulness, and enthusiasm they’ve bestowed upon me and the Sloppy Firsts Movie Team is something I’ve never experienced before now. The onslaught of advocacy is due to the “Dream Casting Contest” we launched in celebration of the novel’s 10th Anniversary. The winners won access to the Director’s Video “Bible” we’ve created to communicate my vision for the film. Megan has been encouraging the winners (congrats to Karen G. and the 164 winning commenters!) to post their comments and notes to the exclusive video glimpse into how I see the movie.

The overwhelmingly positive reactions from the fans reminds me of what an honor it is to bring Jessica Darling and her story to the screen. There is great responsibility in this job, but the support from the SF community further ignites my great passion for doing the job with grace and mastery. I may not personally know the thousands of Sloppy fans, but I feel very connected to them and regard them as a community of wise, passionate folks who are by my side, cheering me on. I can’t wait to make a great film for them.

Enter Our Sloppy Firsts DREAM CAST !

September 1, 2011

SLOPPY FIRSTS celebrated its 10th Anniversary on August 28, 2001. Megan McCafferty, the series’  amazing author, has been commemorating the occasion with contests, giveaways, interviews, etc. The West coast SF team and I wanted in on the fun!

We have been busting bootie to get SLOPPY FIRSTS to the silver screen (I adapted the script last spring and am attached to direct… have been hustling towards this goal for over five years) and wanted to support the series’ triumphant milestone! We teamed up with Megan to launch the Dream Cast for SLOPPY FIRSTS Contest and provided the contest’s prize: a chance to view the exclusive video introduction to the director’s vision (that’s me!) of SLOPPY FIRSTS. It’s like a video Bible/guidebook/mission statement of my approach to the project that I’ve been in love with for years.

HOW TO ENTER: Suggest ONE actress to play Jessica Darling and ONE actor for Marcus Flutie in the comments section of this Facebook post by Megan. If you don’t already, “like” Megan’s page, you’ll have to do that first to gain the ability to engage with the page. Then rally all your friends, family, acquaintances, frenemies, crushes, boyfriends/girlfriends, exes, teachers, neighbors, baristas, mailmen, etc. to “vote” by “liking” your comment. The casting choice that gets the most “LIKES” is THE WINNER.

Do this by 11:59PM EST on Monday, September 5th.

The person who submitted the winning choice and every person who “LIKED” it gets THE SECRET PASSWORD:  a code that (for a limited time) will provide access to a video put together by me and the rest of creative team at the heart of the SLOPPY FIRSTS movie.

OR just go to there and LIKE all your favorite pairings… I know I have!

Happy Anniversary SLOPPY FIRSTS!

August 28, 2011

10 year’s ago SLOPPY FIRSTS was published and the world met Jessica Darling! I hope in waaaaaaay less time we get to introduce the world to Jessica and SF via the silver screen!


A Decade of Sloppy

August 3, 2011

August 28, 2011 is the 10th Anniversary of the publication of SLOPPY FIRSTS!

Throughout August, author Megan McCafferty will be announcing fantastic ways to celebrate her novel’s Anniversary. Start following her on Twitter or “like” her FB page and be in the loop on all her spontaneous contests and giveaways!

The monthlong jamboree’s kicks off with The Epic 10th Anniversary Giving Away of Rare and One-of-a-Kind Stuff. Megan describes the contest as:

“To commemorate the 10th Anniversary, I’d like you, the biggest supporters of my series, to share with me (and the world) what SLOPPY FIRSTS has meant to you.  In return for your efforts, I’ll provide you with the opportunity to get special SLOPPY FIRSTS swag: 2 rare UNCORRECTED PROOFS and a one-of-a-kind copy of SLOPPY FIRSTS annotated in my very own, very sloppy handwriting. I’ll reward the THREE entries that best say to me, “WOW. These readers really, really love SLOPPY FIRSTS…Maybe even more than I do.”

Giving away such precious prizes is such a special way for Megan to toast SLOPPY’S Anniversary. I’m sure I’m not the only fan that is inspired.

Find out more about how to enter the contest on Megan’s site!

Nick Cave and Harry Potter

June 30, 2011

I’m obsessed with this scene right now. Is it in the book or just the movie?

I probably going to use the scene in its entirety in the Prezi version of my director’s pitch for SLOPPY. Got a “best friends” section brewing to make us feel why Hope is so important to Jessica and why Jessica finds a new best friend in Marcus…

Ahhh-Blaah-Blagg-Bla You Say?

May 19, 2011

We’re in the homestretch with the Director’s Presentation for SLOPPY FIRSTS which means that this week I got to record the pitch I usually (and preferably) perform live in tandem with the 15 minute video we’ve created.

We favor the live pitch because it’s so much more effective and fun to listen to me gush about professionally articulate my vision for this movie and the reasons it’s as clear as crystal that I’m the best and only person who should direct SF. Plus, I try and bring ice cream sandwiches. Who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches!? Lactose-intolerant people. That’s a topic for another post that I will never write.

So even though we pref pitching live, the SF team knows that having the video with my voiceover narration included is a useful tool for sharing my vision with interested parties that live in distant lands (like Iowa), are recluses (the best investors!), and people who get off on going to secret websites and typing in security passwords in order to watch confidential files (me!).

The recording of my narration was very tedious and challenging. I was reminded, yet again, of why I have no interest in being an actor. IT’S REALLY HARD. Luckily, Gabe was there to direct me a bit and, of course, I couldn’t help directing myself in a few ways. More emotion! Too fast! Annunciate! Slower please! Stop burping!

It took three hours, but we got it.

We got some other nuggets too! Like this favorite flub I found when I was reviewing the material for preferred takes. It is a moment that from the onset I was clearly confused (by the script/pitch I’d written), off pace (if you go at a weird half-speed does anyone notice?) and tangled up in my own mouth. It will not be a part of the final cut.

DNA Test for Movies

May 9, 2011

Today, we did another practice pitch of my Director’s Presentation of SLOPPY FIRSTS for an industry fella that was willing to give us his perspective. The presentation is a 15-minute video which I “narrate” live. Acting shoes are on, laced, and tied tight, folks. I do get performance notes and remember why I didn’t go into acting.

I and the video (which is masterfully edited by Sarah B.) grabs you by the scruff of your teen-movie-loving neck and takes you on a delighful ride through my interpretation of SF’s genre, characters, and themes. Spoiler alert: actual voiceovers from the script are performed by Danielle Hartnett over appropriate scenes from your favorite movies AND IT WORKS!

Then, we segue into the main course — my director’s approach. Elliot Erwitt pictures and ten dollar terms like “subjective camera” and “emotionally-charged visuals” are used. The screwball comedies of the ’30s and ’40s are referenced. A clip from FERRIS BUELLER of Cameron kicking the shit out of his dad’s car plays well in the “serious underpinnings” section.

The whole thing was music supervised by Mo, which means I’m obsessed with the “soundtrack” to my pitch. This is probably pretentious, but I don’t care. I wouldn’t know about Oh Land otherwise. It is problematic, though, when my ipod shuffles into a song from the presentation, and I launch into the corresponding portion of the pitch. Easter brunchers were forced to hear all kinds of snippets because of this Pavlovian conditioning.

We’ve been working on this presentation since the day we declared the outline for Untitled Earthquake Movie done. So February 4th. It’s an intriguing process because it’s like a mom figuring out how to convince someone her kid belongs to her, and “Because I’m her mom!” doesn’t cut it. Nope, this mom needs to be entertaining, articulate and persuasive. If only there was DNA tests for movies.

We got good feedback today and I’m doing some tweaks but the finish line is in sight!

Young, Hungry, Favorite

April 25, 2011

Friday was Earth Day, so I didn’t dare to steal the planet’s spotlight.

But now that everyone’s back to littering, I want to jump-up-and-down about being listed on the Young and Hungry list! Thanks for naming me as one of “the top 100 screenwriters on the verge.”

And thanks to my dad for asking me if this means his favorite daughter is halfway to “rich and famous.” The answer is hahahahahahahahahaha.

And, hey, double hooray for me for also making the “Favorite Daughter” list.

Hit the Books

January 19, 2011

For Book Club, I’m enjoying THE MAGICIANS despite the slow start (anything is sedate after THE HUNGER GAMES books), but in screenwriting life I’ve recently found solace in some old favorite guide books: Syd Field’s SCREENPLAY, Christopher Vogler’s THE WRITER’S JOURNEY,  and THE SEVEN BASIC PLOTS by Christopher Booker. These books are my comfort food in book form. For me, reviewing chapters from them is like eating mac ‘n cheese after a particularly stressful day. They give me perspective and make everything seem okay and logical. I needed these things because the project I’m working on is really challenging me. We’re in the early outline/treatment stage, and I’m a bit intimidated by how much this story is fighting me. Or, rather, more likely, how much I’m fighting the story.

I feel like we’ve already had too many knockout fights in the ring, and when we’re not actively jabbing at each other, we’re in the trenches, both suffering through the muck. At least in the latter scenario, we’re on the same side, but I still don’t feel like we’re a team. To add to the frustration, I think we can be a great team. Or, at the very least, I know I want to be on its team. I see the potential this story has and, man, do I want to be on its team. Seeing its great promise is inspiring for a glowing minute and then, if left to my own unchecked neuroses, it can quickly become a roadblock. The burden is on me to not mess it up. The game is mine to lose.

And then I remember that this is how it is pretty much every time. Resistance is working its magic and trying to convince me of all the reasons I should give up. Very clever, Resistance!

I need to remember that I felt the same way about SLOPPY FIRSTS. I broke through that wall by finding that the only way to move forward was to work with abandon and then walk away. I had to immerse myself in the story and go from there without judgement, with an open mind and heart, trusting instincts, not second guessing, resisting micro-managing of the story. Then, it was critical to stop thinking about it. As my mom always says, important creative work is done by our brains when we’re doing something else. That magic can’t happen until we’re “doing something else.” I tend to want to work until I figure out the problem even if it means beating my head against the wall for hours. This leaves no time for the subconcious magic, and it renders me a miserable crank, which is not my favorite way to live.

The result? I did a little work this morning but now I’m doing laundry, writing this blog and baking a potato. A bit of Oprah is in my future too. Hopefully, after a small step away, I can leap back in.


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