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In Shaun White’s Company

March 2, 2010

Look what Seth (producer on APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER) spotted on today!

According to Amazon, we’re #22 on their “Movies – Sports – Skiing & Snow Sports” sales list and ranked #68 on their “Olympics” sales roundup.

Not bad, especially since we encourage everyone to buy AIV at IndieFlix instead of Amazon because we get a better cut of the purchase price! It’s showBUSINESS, folks.


Oozing and Intoxicating

January 28, 2010

The IndieFlix “Play It Again” Podcast about APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER was posted yesterday. It is now available for free for all your ready ears.  Click here!

If you scroll down on the podcast’s page, you’ll find a useful list organized by timecode of topics discussed and questions asked.  It’s a nice touch by Lois Fein, host of the interview series.

I like how the podcast turned out.

Seth and I play well off each other, we cover a lot of topics, and the interview with Casey via phone is honest and interesting. Plus, I’m surprised at how good my voice sounds.  Thanks, Lois! Your microphone was worth the investment and may get me a date.

I only cringed when I adjectived-it-up with such slurpy words like ‘oozing’ and ‘intoxicating’ during the telling of how I met Casey. Things could have been worse – I could have burped up those words, canceling out all traces of sexiness Lois’ mic had loaned me.

First Interview with Casey Since His Surgery

January 19, 2010

On Saturday, Seth and I interviewed with Lois Fein, host of IndieFlix’s Play It Again Podcasts.  Lois had done her research and asked some great questions about APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER.

My favorite discussion topics strayed from the obvious questions (how’d we meet Casey, what the story is about).  I liked discussing why Casey was a good subject for a documentary, how our film differs from the traditional sports doc, what we would consider a “gold medal” in our own lives/careers, and what we personally took away from our time with Casey and his story.

See how I did that? Got you wanting to listen to the podcast. Clever girl.

Before we called Casey midway through the session, Lois let us suggest questions to ask him.  These questions resulted in some great soundbytes from Casey.  What can I say? We know how to ask Casey questions.  A particularly fun answer came from Casey when asked about the scene in the Olympic village.  Let’s just say that ‘meat market’ was part off his response.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the whole interview was talking to Casey.  As far as I know, this is the first interview he’s given since his crash in Les Contamines and subsequent shoulder surgery.  Finally, we had the answers to the extent of his injury and surgery, his emotional state, and what exactly happened in the race.  I urged Lois to recognize the value of the interview (exclusive, with Casey, only one out there) and encouraged her to capitalize on it. It could really spike her traffic if she shared it with other media sources.

It was painful listening to Casey admit that he was six seconds away from winning his first World Cup – something I know is incredibly important to him, something that he feels separates him from the greats, something that his teammates hold over his head – and one second later he’s in incredible pain, thinking his season is over… And he didn’t even win the race.

My heart sunk when he talked about how he thought the whole thing was dead.  “Thing” being his lifelong dream of an Olympic medal. But after a successful surgery and discovery that his clavicle was not broken (just separated), he knows he is still going to Vancouver, and, more importantly, he still has a most precious thing: hope.

Play It Again Podcasts post every Tuesday.  Lois thinks our episode will be available on either 1/26 or 2/2.  I’ll let you know when I know.

Alright, gotta get some writing done before tonight’s “LA premiere” of APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER in Film Independent’s Cinema Lounge!

IndieFlix Podcast Taping Saturday

January 15, 2010

Seth, Casey Puckett (via phone) and I will be guests on Lois Fein’s Play It Again Podcast this Saturday. Play It Again Podcasts is a weekly conversation with IndieFlix independent filmmakers; we’ll be talking about APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER.

I have two very dear friends in town this weekend from San Fran and NYC. I think it’s hilarious that they will be my ‘entourage’ on this totally indie filmy adventure of recording a podcast in someone’s living room.

I’ll let you know how the “conversation” with Lois goes and when the actual podcast is available for download!

Appointment with Done(ish)

November 27, 2009

So much to update you on! It’s almost daunting.  Especially since I’m squeezing this post in while LAB and I stop in at Starbucks for email-checking.  You can assume that the longer my blog is dormant the busier I am.  This is not a woo-is-me statement. Busy is good.  In August when we went to see sweet Ellen, the powdery soft skin sunshiny tarot reader-clairvoyant, she told me the next three months would set the tone of my career for the next fifteen years.

The next FIFTEEN YEARS.  My response: !!!  Ellen’s response, “Oh, that just freaked you out, huh?”

If the next fifteen years are as busy as these autumn days, I’m a lucky filmmaker.  If they are as profit indeterminate, I’m an uneasy filmmaker.

The big news has been eked out step-by-step via my tweets and Facebook statuses:

The editing, sound mixing, color correcting, and mastering to DVD of APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER is done!

In about a week, the DVD will be available for purchase on our newly revised website, IndieFlix and Amazon.

I’m proud of us. We met our deadline of making AIV obtainable to holiday shoppers. To achieve this goal, there has been some major hustling like….

  • Bringing on one of my favorite composers, Chris Westlake, to compose music when our original composer’s system crashed two days before our sound mix.
  • Working with the incredible Andy Hay (and his six-fingered cat, Cody) and having to ask him to extend our time as Mo, our indomitable music supervisor who secured 12 tracks with a $0 budget, scrambled to license our credits music and Chris delivered the final, emergency-ordered, PERFECT tracks.
  • Combing through our raw footage with Andy guiding me via AIM to find background sound bytes to fill newly found sound ‘black holes.’ I’m so grateful for Andy’s sense of humor – as wacky as mine and as delightfully fitting for AIM giggles.
  • On Halloween, calling up our grad school colleague and the production designer of my first project at AFI talented Megan Hutchison in Portland to ask yet another favor of a friend: can you design our DVD jacket, disc and menu art?  She said yes.  I LOVE the art. It’s edgy, brave, masculine, epic, arresting, memorable and included in this entry.
  • Calling in Stephanie Hernstadt to do our credit roll on AfterEffects because in FCP they look jittery.  BTW I love our main credits — I did them late one Thursday night; beautiful landscape shots of mountains and ski resort visuals with our names cleverly inserted into the the images.
  • Working out one frame color-correction render glitches with Dominique. This was one of my favorite issues to remedy because it meant I got to hang with Dom at In A Place Productions a lot… which is the second most Zen place in LA (first is my house).
  • Spending a solid week fighting DVD Studio Pro and iDVD creating a master DVD of the film. To save a few hundred dollars, I dedicated hours and hours, dozens of test DVDs, and a new level of patience figuring out how to create an SD disc from HD mixed footage.

Now the PR and marketing hustle begins.  As Seth, the film’s producer loves to tell me, we aren’t done. We’re just beginning.

IMDB It, Baby

October 16, 2009

APPOINTMENT IN VANCOVUER is on IMBD!  Big thanks to Seth Caplan (producer of AIV) for making this happen fantastically fast – I’ve never seen IMDB respond so quickly.  It must be the Caplan charm.  Having an IMDB page plus the SKI RACING press have steadily increased our sign-ups for $5 off the DVD.  Yes!

Now back to the edit room with Cindy.  We are picture-locking (possibly) this Sunday and definitely by the 23rd.

Wed to Friday in Mammoth

May 19, 2009

I’m packed and ready to go in the physical sense.  I’m not sure if I’m totally mentally ready.  It’s been an extremely busy week.  Between prepping for this week’s shoot and reviewing, polishing, re-writing, re-polishing a treatment and approach for another project, I’ve been staying up late, getting up early, and earning the writer hypenate.

Luckily, Leigh Anne has been an amazing pseudo-roommate.  She cooked a perfect turkey spaghetti sauce that we’ve been living off of for days and  made sure I didn’t miss the best moments (foot fetish guy and Michael the break dancer) from the 2 hour Bachellorette premiere.  She even brainstormed famous celebrity trainwrecks for a joke I was writing.  Her support, encouragement and willingness to make Pink Berry runs are priceless.

 Tomorrow I start on a whirlwind shoot.  At 7AM,  Jason Oldak, Seth Caplan and I hit the road for Mammoth.  We’re spending 2.5 days in Mammoth following Casey Puckett at the U.S. Ski team Olympic training camp.  The proposed schedule:

7am – 12: Drive to Mammoth; have a conference call with Clayton Brown, a T.A. from my days at NU who now is a full professor. I want to talk to him about intern candidates for “Appointment in Vancouver.”  

12-1pm:  If we make it in time, we’ll catch Tyler Shepherd, Ski Cross Head Coach, assembling the start gate on the mountain.  I’d love to interview Tyler while he’s building the rig.  It’d be more interesting to look at than a plain sit-down interview and, like when giving actors business, talking to someone while they are doing something usually produces more organic, honest responses.

1-4pm:  Sit down interview with Casey or Tyler depending on who is available when.  I really want to ask Casey about what happened at Grindelwald.  I need to question him more directly about his retirement years and the way this last season ended.  I also want to discuss Daron Rahlves with him, especially now that we have interviewed Daron about Casey.

4-6:  Sit down interview with whichever guy we didn’t interview yet.  Among other things, I want to ask Tyler about Skier Cross’ origins, Olympic qualification process, and the emotional/mental demands on Olympic athletes

6-?:  Follow Casey doing whatever Casey is doing.  There’s been talk of bowling.  I’m hoping dancing is also in the cards.  We got a great sound-byte from Daron about Casey’s talents on the dance floor.  It’d be fantastic to get visuals on the comment.

Thursday we go on the mountain with Casey, Tyler, and the U.S. Alpine Race team.  I’m most excited about continuing my interview with Casey on a chairlift (how cool will that look?), filming Casey’s starts at the gate, and letting Jason loose on the mountain to get beauty shots of skiers, the environment, and ‘ski culture’  —  like how The Hills captures ‘LA culture.’

Wish us luck!

Boob Tube for Puckett

May 7, 2009

It’s been a busy two weeks and technically I’m suppose to be writing RIGHT NOW, but a little lunch break blogging is okay, right?  Especially when there is good news to share:

We have a TV distribution offer for “Appointment in Vancouver!”  

In the last two weeks, this project has skyrocketed out of the dreaded plateau stage and is full-speed-ahead-mofo, which makes sense considering our deadline to accrue our finishing funds is the end of May.  This newest development definitely proves that we’re sitting on an exceptional project that will appeal to a big audience.

It’s exciting to see Seth Caplan in action on the business side of this game.  He’s inventive, smart and has an overall perspective the is essential to success —- it’s good for me to take off my creative hat for a bit and watch, engage, and learn.  We’ve got big plans for “AIV” that are unfolding now.  Keep.  Your.  Fingers.  Crossed.

However, NGL, I can’t wait for the conference calling, pitching, and back-and-forthing to open up to shooting and editing… which will be happening soon! We are going to Mammoth Mountain to film Casey on snow at the first Olympic training camp of the season.  We’ll be probably be there from May 20 – 22.  

Thanks to Tyler Shepherd, the U.S. Skier Cross coach, we’ll be in the middle of it all on the slopes and at the starting gates.   Plus, Casey will be working in with the U.S. Alpine team — all of them are old buddies — so hopefully we’ll score some interesting A-team-athlete interviews from more than one future medal winner.

Snowside Work Day

April 1, 2009

Me summoning the powder Gods.

After a few days of world-class skiing with amazing friends, family  (my ski racer bro joined us… and humbled us in his snow drift), and my new helmet, I’m spending my last 12 hours in Snowbird working in the lobby’s big comfy leather couches, looking out over the mountain as another storm drops buckets of snow on the pine trees.


The Hardest Working People in Hollywood (in Snowbird)

During the trip, Seth and I spent many chairlift rides together.  Being the efficient filmmakers that we are, we used those trapped 8-12 minute together to have ‘chairlift meetings’ about Appointment in Vancouver.  We’ve had some interest from sales and distribution companies so we had plenty to discuss in route to black diamonds and 22 inches of powder.  (not kidding; we got dumped on!)  Does this mean I can write off the vacation?  Seth and I worked so hard we had to nap at lunch.

On today’s agenda:

  1. Restructure Casey Puckett Outline driven by a ‘pre’ Olympics release timeline.
  2. Continue with my feature’s Step Outline.  Goal:  Finish the first act. I’m 3 scenes away.
  3. Pack (* don’t forget new helmet).
  4. Review producer-prepped budgets for LilyDidIt, LLC bid on a viral campaign for a Chicago-based company.
  5. Hit the outdoor HOT TUB before I jet off this mountain.

Protected on and off the slopes

Seth Wins a Spirit Award!

February 22, 2009

CONGRATULATIONS to Seth Caplan on the John Cassavettes Award given to him, his co-producer Scoot McNairy, and his his director/writer Alex Holdridge for In Search of a Midnight Kiss at the 2009 Independent Spirt Awards last night! 

Alex Holdridge, Sara Simmonds, Scoot McNairy, Seth Caplan


I’ve been a fan of their film since my first viewing, and I’ve been a fan of Seth’s since the second day of AFI. Lucky for me, I think he’s also a fan of mine.  He’s currently producing my documentary about four-time Olympic skier Casey Puckett, Appointment in Vancouver.

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