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TUESDAY at Tarfest

September 24, 2009

Another festival for TUESDAY IN COPACABANA!

My super short, wickedly weird, beautifully photographed (on 35mm! by Andre Lascaris! cut by Sarah Broshar! production designed by Mia Cho! starring Laura Breckenridge! shot on el Segundo’s beach to doubling as Copacabana in the ’40s!), cinematic adaptation of the Carlos Hugo Christensen poem will play in Tarfest on Saturday September 26 from 1-3 pm at the Korean Cultural Center (5505 Wilshire Blvd., LA, 90036).  Admission is free!


They Say In Los Angeles HERE

July 3, 2009

THEY SAY IN LOS ANGLES has been on YouTube and floating around on DVD for a few weeks, but that’s no fun.  You’re not on YouTube, are you?  No.  You want TSILA here.  NOW.  Well it is!  The entire TSILA collection is available below.  You’re welcome.

TSILA is improv comedy videos about five very different Angelenos (all played by Regina Taufen) and their insider insights on life in the city of angels. Set in some of L.A.’s most famous locations and in the style of BORAT, all of Taufen’s in-character interactions with the public are unrehearsed, unapologetic, and unforgettable.

Directed by: Anna Christopher
Improv by: Regina Taufen
Edited by: Sarah Broshar
Hair/Makeup by: Melissa Chmielowski
UPMed by: Nichole Patxot

Outtake Bonus Video:

Happy Birthday to Us

June 30, 2009

One of the super cool things about being friends with other filmmakers is that when we get together A LOT is possible. We feed on each other’s ideas and humor, and before you know it, we’ve conceived a funny video idea to promote our four-person joint birthday party in August. This doesn’t happen with my physicist friends.

But it IS what happened on Saturday poolside at Dana’s condo.

And because we’re endowed with killer film-person skills, a camera, editing systems, some wireless mics I borrowed from a friend for my last Casey Puckett shoot, and the curse of boundless energy to “make something cool,” we made our newborn idea mature from a successful brainstorm to hard, cold reality (I too wish I could have said ‘cash’ instead of reality, sigh…). We were shooting the project on my porch two hours after we thought it up. By 7pm we were wrapped and ready for Saturday night!


The four videos feature three of the birthday girls answering questions about the fourth. Who can answer the questions most accurately? How well do we know each other? The questions range from What was her first cassette tape? to What pickup line would work on her? to If she could crawl inside a movie and live there, what movie would it be? The concept is a spinoff of the classic Newlywed’s Game. The videos will premiere on the party’s website.

Yes. We made a website. More on that later.

I’ve digitized and organized the footage for Sarah (on my new iMac!), and she has begun working on the videos. Please wish Sarah luck on this project. Apparently her co-workers have challenged her to edit it using only one eye.

An Old Flame

May 11, 2009

Me (strangely working a pink scarf), Regina (onscreen as 'Magda') and Sarah only needed one day to cut all six videos. Thanks Dominique for letting us edit at your place!Sarah Broshar and I got to edit together today!  She jumped on the They Say In Los Angeles project because a) it’s cool b) she’s on hiatus from her job for a month.  Score. For. Me and Regina (co-creator of the idea and genius improver starring in ALL six of the videos)!  We got the Brosh for today, and in 9 hours we cut all six of the videos together. 

And they are good.  Really good.  

Again, I’m so impressed with us accomplishing such high quality work with such low levels of stress, money and time.  Is this possible?  We’re figuring out the release forum and timeline so stay tuned.

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