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Oozing and Intoxicating

January 28, 2010

The IndieFlix “Play It Again” Podcast about APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER was posted yesterday. It is now available for free for all your ready ears.  Click here!

If you scroll down on the podcast’s page, you’ll find a useful list organized by timecode of topics discussed and questions asked.  It’s a nice touch by Lois Fein, host of the interview series.

I like how the podcast turned out.

Seth and I play well off each other, we cover a lot of topics, and the interview with Casey via phone is honest and interesting. Plus, I’m surprised at how good my voice sounds.  Thanks, Lois! Your microphone was worth the investment and may get me a date.

I only cringed when I adjectived-it-up with such slurpy words like ‘oozing’ and ‘intoxicating’ during the telling of how I met Casey. Things could have been worse – I could have burped up those words, canceling out all traces of sexiness Lois’ mic had loaned me.


First Interview with Casey Since His Surgery

January 19, 2010

On Saturday, Seth and I interviewed with Lois Fein, host of IndieFlix’s Play It Again Podcasts.  Lois had done her research and asked some great questions about APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER.

My favorite discussion topics strayed from the obvious questions (how’d we meet Casey, what the story is about).  I liked discussing why Casey was a good subject for a documentary, how our film differs from the traditional sports doc, what we would consider a “gold medal” in our own lives/careers, and what we personally took away from our time with Casey and his story.

See how I did that? Got you wanting to listen to the podcast. Clever girl.

Before we called Casey midway through the session, Lois let us suggest questions to ask him.  These questions resulted in some great soundbytes from Casey.  What can I say? We know how to ask Casey questions.  A particularly fun answer came from Casey when asked about the scene in the Olympic village.  Let’s just say that ‘meat market’ was part off his response.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the whole interview was talking to Casey.  As far as I know, this is the first interview he’s given since his crash in Les Contamines and subsequent shoulder surgery.  Finally, we had the answers to the extent of his injury and surgery, his emotional state, and what exactly happened in the race.  I urged Lois to recognize the value of the interview (exclusive, with Casey, only one out there) and encouraged her to capitalize on it. It could really spike her traffic if she shared it with other media sources.

It was painful listening to Casey admit that he was six seconds away from winning his first World Cup – something I know is incredibly important to him, something that he feels separates him from the greats, something that his teammates hold over his head – and one second later he’s in incredible pain, thinking his season is over… And he didn’t even win the race.

My heart sunk when he talked about how he thought the whole thing was dead.  “Thing” being his lifelong dream of an Olympic medal. But after a successful surgery and discovery that his clavicle was not broken (just separated), he knows he is still going to Vancouver, and, more importantly, he still has a most precious thing: hope.

Play It Again Podcasts post every Tuesday.  Lois thinks our episode will be available on either 1/26 or 2/2.  I’ll let you know when I know.

Alright, gotta get some writing done before tonight’s “LA premiere” of APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER in Film Independent’s Cinema Lounge!

IndieFlix Podcast Taping Saturday

January 15, 2010

Seth, Casey Puckett (via phone) and I will be guests on Lois Fein’s Play It Again Podcast this Saturday. Play It Again Podcasts is a weekly conversation with IndieFlix independent filmmakers; we’ll be talking about APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER.

I have two very dear friends in town this weekend from San Fran and NYC. I think it’s hilarious that they will be my ‘entourage’ on this totally indie filmy adventure of recording a podcast in someone’s living room.

I’ll let you know how the “conversation” with Lois goes and when the actual podcast is available for download!

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