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An Actual Post Production Team

September 24, 2009

I’m off editor duty!  Thanks to Patty West, a fellow AFI alum and my KD sorority sister, we’re working with a very talented editor (another AFI alum): Cindy Thoennessen.  Cindy viewed our lastest cut of APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER and visualized/verbalized changes that we could not for the next cut. Fresh insight from a smart, speedy, capable editor — Thank you movie gods!  Lucky for us, her schedule and interest matched ours, and we’ve been collaborating all week.  She’s been absolutley invaluable in shaping a “rough” cut to send to NBC Universal Sports at the end of this week.

Furthermore, we’ve secured a music supervisor too!  Mo Grosser has joined the small but tenacious AIV team.  Mo and I met at Northwestern in the R/TV/F program. When I was a senior, she hired me to direct the annual Niteskool music video.  The Niteksool video had one of the biggest budgets on campus and was always a showcase of some of the most creative storytelling.  As a freshman Wildcat, I decided that I wanted to direct the yearly video when I earned the position as a senior.  Mo made that aspiration a reality.  It’s a joy to reunite with her now as she is growing her music supervisor credits and already doing a hella good job pulling selects for us.  Go ‘cats!



The Wedding Videographer!

July 17, 2009

I’m headed to Menlo Park, CA for the weekend to attend my friend Kara Demsey’swedding. Kara and I were roommates during our freshman year at Northwestern and then suitematesKara and I at March's NU Roommate Reunion in NYC. the next year.  We lived with two other girls – Sheila and Marci.

The four of us were assigned to a Foster-Walker Quad, which meant TIGHT quarters (a room with two bunk beds, a small common room, and a tiny bathroom). Plus, none of us knew each other before walking through our room’s door.  With those two facts in mind, most people bet against us creating a happy, peaceful home together. Traditionally the Quads in our dorm warred and split up by the second trimester.

2002 Road Trip with Kara. Cleveland to LA to Vancouver to Chicago.The four of us, however, were miraculously meant for each other.  We have yearly reunions to this day.  I took a road trip across the U.S. with Kara after graduation — four years after first meeting each other.  Marci evenMarci joined us to Vegas. Then she had to leave for law school. joined us for a portion of the trip!  We had just as much fun on that trip across America as we did in our beloved Quad.

On our last roommate reunion, I asked Kara if she was going to have a videographer at her wedding.  She hadn’t planned on it. I offered my services. Hey – I own a camera, I have two film degrees, I’m already going to the wedding.  Why not?  Four weeks later she called and took me up on the offer. I’m honored to document the special day for her.Roomies at the Reunion (minus Sheila) doing our NU Wildcat claw.

And as if destiny planned the whole thing, my date is a NU film grad who joined us on our road trip for three days back in 2002! I’ve got my crew, packed my two HDV cameras (might as well get coverage, right?) and tripod (who wants a shaky frame when the Bride’s walking the aisle!), and am leaving for Burbank airport. Then it’s on to dancing, eating, drinking, living it up with old friends, and filming a few classic ‘wedding’ moments that Kara can show her grandparents and kids what the day was like… and so she and Jack will never forget.

Happy Birthday to Us

June 30, 2009

One of the super cool things about being friends with other filmmakers is that when we get together A LOT is possible. We feed on each other’s ideas and humor, and before you know it, we’ve conceived a funny video idea to promote our four-person joint birthday party in August. This doesn’t happen with my physicist friends.

But it IS what happened on Saturday poolside at Dana’s condo.

And because we’re endowed with killer film-person skills, a camera, editing systems, some wireless mics I borrowed from a friend for my last Casey Puckett shoot, and the curse of boundless energy to “make something cool,” we made our newborn idea mature from a successful brainstorm to hard, cold reality (I too wish I could have said ‘cash’ instead of reality, sigh…). We were shooting the project on my porch two hours after we thought it up. By 7pm we were wrapped and ready for Saturday night!


The four videos feature three of the birthday girls answering questions about the fourth. Who can answer the questions most accurately? How well do we know each other? The questions range from What was her first cassette tape? to What pickup line would work on her? to If she could crawl inside a movie and live there, what movie would it be? The concept is a spinoff of the classic Newlywed’s Game. The videos will premiere on the party’s website.

Yes. We made a website. More on that later.

I’ve digitized and organized the footage for Sarah (on my new iMac!), and she has begun working on the videos. Please wish Sarah luck on this project. Apparently her co-workers have challenged her to edit it using only one eye.

An Old Flame

May 11, 2009

Me (strangely working a pink scarf), Regina (onscreen as 'Magda') and Sarah only needed one day to cut all six videos. Thanks Dominique for letting us edit at your place!Sarah Broshar and I got to edit together today!  She jumped on the They Say In Los Angeles project because a) it’s cool b) she’s on hiatus from her job for a month.  Score. For. Me and Regina (co-creator of the idea and genius improver starring in ALL six of the videos)!  We got the Brosh for today, and in 9 hours we cut all six of the videos together.

And they are good.  Really good.

Again, I’m so impressed with us accomplishing such high quality work with such low levels of stress, money and time.  Is this possible?  We’re figuring out the release forum and timeline so stay tuned.

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