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Congrats Chris Westlake, You’re Despicable

December 8, 2010

Chris Westlake has scored most of my projects – including my recent work for It’s a gift to work with him because he’s true artist with a great attitude who can take notes and work under deadline pressure. Thank you, Chris!

His latest project has nothing to do with me. But I think it’s awesome. You can hear Chris’s work in a short film based on the animated hit “Despicable Me.” The film, “Banana,” plays tonight (Wednesday 12/8) on NBC during “The Sing Off” between 8-9pm eastern/pacific time (7-8pm central).

“Banana” follows the mischievous minions from “Despicable Me” through an escalating series of hijinks. In total, Chris scored three mini-movies about the minions, “Banana,” “Orientation Day,” and “Home Makeover.” All of the shorts will be available on the Blu Ray and the Double Pack DVD of “Despicable Me” on Tuesday December 14th.




TODAY: AIV @ Birds of Prey

December 6, 2009

Catch a sneak peek at  APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER TODAY at the Birds of Prey World Cup in Beaver Creek.  Our trailer and an exclusive clip will screen on the jumbotron in the open-to-the-public Finish Stadium* between the 1st (9:45am) and 2nd runs (12:45pm) of the men’s Giant Slalom races.

Watch the worldclass skiing without freezing your booty off — NBC will show the races at 2pm ET.  Look for me and our editor, Cindy, in the crowd and for my live tweets from the mountain.

*The Finish Stadium is located near the finish line of the Birds of Prey race course. Accommodating thousands of fans each year, the Finish Stadium offers spectators great views of the race course, real-time highlights via the big screen and activities for the entire family. From the Bird’s Nest, offering food and beverages including a beer garden, to half time entertainment and live music the finish stadium is always at the heart of the action.

Boob Tube for Puckett

May 7, 2009

It’s been a busy two weeks and technically I’m suppose to be writing RIGHT NOW, but a little lunch break blogging is okay, right?  Especially when there is good news to share:

We have a TV distribution offer for “Appointment in Vancouver!”  

In the last two weeks, this project has skyrocketed out of the dreaded plateau stage and is full-speed-ahead-mofo, which makes sense considering our deadline to accrue our finishing funds is the end of May.  This newest development definitely proves that we’re sitting on an exceptional project that will appeal to a big audience.

It’s exciting to see Seth Caplan in action on the business side of this game.  He’s inventive, smart and has an overall perspective the is essential to success —- it’s good for me to take off my creative hat for a bit and watch, engage, and learn.  We’ve got big plans for “AIV” that are unfolding now.  Keep.  Your.  Fingers.  Crossed.

However, NGL, I can’t wait for the conference calling, pitching, and back-and-forthing to open up to shooting and editing… which will be happening soon! We are going to Mammoth Mountain to film Casey on snow at the first Olympic training camp of the season.  We’ll be probably be there from May 20 – 22.  

Thanks to Tyler Shepherd, the U.S. Skier Cross coach, we’ll be in the middle of it all on the slopes and at the starting gates.   Plus, Casey will be working in with the U.S. Alpine team — all of them are old buddies — so hopefully we’ll score some interesting A-team-athlete interviews from more than one future medal winner.

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