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LDI Gets Grateful

November 16, 2009

lily.turkeyWe released our Thanksgiving video e-cards on LilyDidIt a few weeks ago, but now that we’re more reasonably within the gravy days, I’m waving my arms about it.

My favorite card is TURKEY TALK.  I wrote and directed it and even ruined one take because I busted out laughing while rolling.  Something about Milissa (aka Lily) in those glasses and the red plaid  so earnestly and expertly listening to the turkey calls and giving that performance was like a tickle monster to my soul.

Big thanks again to Milissa for shooting these vids with her A-game precision only a few days after surgery.


LilyDidIt Releases Thanksgiving vCards

November 18, 2008

LilyDidIt is celebrating the holiday of gratitude and gravy-tude (ha! okay, not so funny but i tried.).  We’ve premiered THREE new videos today for all those needing to get their Happy Turkey Day wishes in cyberspace.  

My favorite is Turkey Talk, and I’ll tell you why after you watch it:

I loved Milissa’s (playing ‘Lily’) performance so much because it’s simple, funny and dedicated.  I think the plaid dress feels like autumn and even hints at the upcoming fun of Christmas and NYE.  The glasses are Laurel’s and were a perfect prop to prompt the ‘like a anthropology professor’ performance.  

Finally, I love this Thanksgiving card because I remember the fun I had filming it.  By the time we were filming this video, we had made it through 3/4 of the day, and the entire crerw got the giggles… including me… as you can see from this outtake:

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