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LOSERS Notes: Part 1

October 5, 2009

Leigh Anne and I got our first round of notes on LOSERS last week.  We had three excellent readers that we handpicked based on the following criteria: intelligence, sense of humor, sense of story, and attractiveness.

And the readers delivered! Each person had their own excellent feedback that melded together in a really exciting way — one reader noted issues in the first act, another in the third, and then our last reader made some brilliant notes about the middle that successfully effected some of the first and second act questions. One of my favorite notes was to render a character more likable by having someone have a crush on her.  If the audience sees someone liking a character, they like the character even if they’re seemingly unappealing. (ex. Meredith on GREY’S ANATOMY.  McDreamy always was sooo into her.  And George (RIP) was puppy dog-crushing on this drunk, damaged, proud, poor-decision-making character.  These men’s unwavering affections helped us like her more despite all the ways she was annoying in the first season).

Our readers’ feedback (and the ideas it spawned) combined to provide a comprehensive analysis and (after some discussion) clear agenda for draft 2. An even more awesome screenplay is on the way.  This is truly exciting considering this screenplay was one of the most solid (and funniest) first drafts I’ve ever seen in a while.

Next draft is due Wednesday!  A whole new round of readers will get their paws on LOSERS next weekend.


Mt. Townsend’s Soundtrack

September 27, 2009

P1010541Kate and I did a 4 hour hike yesterday of Mt. Townsend in the Olympic Pennisula.  We drove and ferried for 1.5 hours to get there which gave me some of enough time for my 2.5 hour notes session with Leigh Anne on Draft 2 of LOSERS.  Multi-tasking!

The hike was a 6.5 miles roundtrip. Total booty blaster. At the top we lunched on a baguette, pb and guava jam, cheese and apples in the clouds.  Amazing how such a simple lunch is absolutely divine when you’re sweaty, exhausted and at the top of the world.  It looked like heaven (duh, check out my pics) and felt like it too.  Any ‘real life’ worries and anxieties I had at the base of the mountain seemed small and unthreatening at the summit.  But maybe that was just because I was frickin’ cold.


On the drive home, we drove through the forests that inspired TWILIGHT and listened to the first version of the LOSERS’ soundtrack (or is it a scriptrack?), created by matching music-to-story virtuoso Leigh Anne.  I’m already in love with two of the songs and will be laying tennis-shoe rubber to pavement to their beats in a matter of minutes. Listened to the selects one more time this AM and scribbled down and sent out my notes.


Now it’s a jog with Katie, Ballard Market, and finding a bar to wear my Bears t-shirt to and watch the game.  It’s too perfect to be in Seattle when we’re playing the stinkin’ Seahawks.  I can’t wait for someone to get in my grill about my shirt. GO BEARS!

For more pics…


LOSERS: Draft 1 Delivered

September 21, 2009

The first draft of LOSERS was delivered to me a week ago!  This script is our response to all the big, boy, (Judd Apatowed) comedies that we (and audiences) love like I LOVE YOU, MAN and THE HANGOVER.  We adore love these flicks. We just think stories about chicks can be hilarious too… and not because the girls fall down or say dumb things.

LOSERS is about two girls who’ve been best friends for as long as they’ve been stoner “losers.”  The two just-turned-30 girls, excuse me, women take to the road (with a hot intern) to make a doc about how to become successful.  Along the way, these directionless, unemployed potheads find their way and their own version of success. It’s THELMA AND LOUISE but funny.  ROMY AND MICHELLE but more timely. It’s PINEAPPLE EXPRESS but with chicks (and with a point).

We. I said ‘we’ a lot didn’t I?  You noticed!  Yes. I am not writing this project. I’m a co-story creator with Leigh Anne.  Leigh Anne is spearheading that pesky ‘writing’ bit of this enterprise.  This is perfect because

  1. She’s big time talented.
  2. She initially conceived of LOSERS.
  3. I’m so close to closing the deal on a project that would fling me immediately into the writing room full time. I want this to happen! I’ve been working towards this deal for ONE YEAR, so when it happens, I’m onboard 100%, which wouldn’t be fair to LOSERS if I was sharing the writing duties.

Leigh Anne and I are old Northwestern friends.  Old as in we’ve know each other for many years NOT ‘old’ as in washed-up and wrinkly.  We have been roommates (briefly), writing partners (a teen hour-long dramedy pilot), p90X survivors (got in the best shape of our lives), happy hour fiends together (Malo on Mondays is the only way to celebrate the vanguishing of Monday blues), and now are the geniuses behind LOSERS.  Yes. I called us geniuses. What?  That’s how good this script is going to be.

But first things first, we are revising.  Writing is rewriting. The first draft (9/12) was good.  Draft 2 will be even better.  It’s dropping on Saturday the 26th, which means I’ll be reading it, devising my notes, and conferencing with Leigh Anne while I’m on a respite in Seattle.  She’ll jump into Draft 3 two days later.  I’ll keep you updated on our progress.

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