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Guest Moo-er

August 18, 2011

Check out “Honk If You’re Moovelous,” a guest post that I wrote about directing for Moovision’s What’s Moo? blog. I discuss some of my heartfelt philosophies about directing and an ice cream truck that looks like a cow.

Morena Tan, the winner of the GOURMOO COOKOFF cooking show I directed, also contributed to the site with the aptly titled “Tale of a Gourmoo Cookoff Champion.” She published some fantastic shots from set, including a shot of me with the cast and a picture (that I just have to attach here too) of our quadrant-fied monitor which proves that I really know how to get some handsome coverage with four cameras.


Episode 1: Appetizers

February 16, 2011

I had a marvelous time directing GOURMOO COOKOFF. Check out the premiere episode (it went live today!) in which the contestants attempt appetizers and let me know what you think!

The Appetizers Episode includes treats like…

The awesome cast of contestants who had to submit videos of themselves, rally online voters to pick their video instead of all the other submissions, and receive our judges' vote to be finalists on the show

Our panel of expert judges who love food and being honest about it with our contestants: Chef Lala (recently on the Today Show), food blogger Kristy Bernardo, and Chef Marlon Alexander (fresh from touring with KISS!).

The shots of delicious dishes featuring lactose-free dishes. The Gourmoo Cookoff competition was sponsored by LACTAID Milk.

Cow-ting the Days

February 14, 2011

Two more days until the first episode of Moovision’s GOURMOO COOKOFF goes live. On Wednesday go here and see my latest work!

New episodes will be released every Wednesday through mid-March. I can’t spill the beans on who wins the big prize (a culinary dream vacation!), but I can tell you it’s a great series with lots of laughs, twists and great cooking featuring lactose-free ingredients.


February 8, 2011

Last week we color-timed the Lactaid-sponsored GOURMOO COOKOFF web series at In A Place Productions while Andy Hay (who just back from Sundance where he had two films playing, including the festival’s darling LIKE CRAZY) cleaned up, sweetened and mixed our sound. It was an incredibly easy phase of post-production — which is the norm when I get to work with this aces team of awesome post peeps. Heck, we got ahead of schedule because everyone is so badass.

Today we delivered the gorgeous looking and sounding FINAL VERSIONS of all five episodes!

I’ll let you know the second the series is available for viewing on Moovision.

Pug Attack!

January 7, 2011

I’m sitting next to a celebrity!  Well, he’s certainly a celebrity in Pug Nation and soon, hopefully, he will be know all across the country.

Next to me is JR Burningham, my Moovision editor! But he’s so much more than that – great guy, boyfriend of Tess, SLC-native, USC film grad, screenwriter and director, and…. the creator of “Pug Attack,” which is one of five finalists in the Doritos®-sponsored “Crash the Super Bowl” contest!

Doritos® issued a challenge for fans to write, shoot and submit their best idea for a Doritos® commercial. Over 5,000 entries were submitted and the list has been narrowed down to five finalists. Now it’s time for YOU to decide that “Pug Attack” should be sprung on the approximate 106.5 million people who will watch the Super Bowl. The top 3 vote-grabbing commercials will be air during Super Bowl XLV! Click here to Vote!

This means that as JR and I work on the final tweaks to the GOURMOO COOKOFF episodes,* he’s responding to support from pug-lovers worldwide and taking calls from the press. Ahem, I believe the Wall Street Journal is calling later this after. YES!!!

The best news?  “Pug Attack” is hilarious. I cracked up the first time I saw — litarally LOLed.  This is not the situation in which you vote for your friend’s video because it’s your friend’s video. Nope. You vote for “Pug Attack” because it’s good. You can hold your head high and support this pug with pride.

There’s more: if any of the top 3 commercials is selected as the best by USA Today Ad Meter, Doritos® will award the makers of that commercial $1,000,000! A second place selection wins $600,000 and a third place selections wins $400,000. If the 3 Doritos® commercials take USA Today Ad Meter’s top 3 spots then everyone wins an extra $1,000,000!

I want to know a millionaire: please vote for JR’s “Pug Attack.”

*The five GOURMOO episodes are coming along beautifully!  Everyone on the team is so happy with the shows, and I’m thrilled with everything from Chris Westlake‘s music to our host Eric Rosen‘s performance to the lovable contestants and judges to the perfect makeup by Desirae Cherman to the gorgeous sets by Scott Enge.

Director’s Cuts of Gourmoo Cookoff

December 19, 2010

JR and I spent all of last week working on the director’s cuts of Moovision’s  GOURMOO COOKOFF. We finished everything except the finale by Friday night, which meant that Gabe, JR and I convened on this rainy Sunday after they had (separate) brunches with their girlfriends and I did Kenpo kickboxing with Bowles to complete episode five.

I’ve love editing this show. I knew I would half way through shooting. The cast is great and lovable and the foodilicious footage is PLENTIFUL. We had four cameras and were not stingy with them. Poor JR had over 24 hours of footage to dig through to make the assemblies.

I’m having a blast working with the reality-style content and defining each episode’s story based on key moments, dramatic judging and great sound bytes from the contestants and judges. It’s amazing how you can condense two hours of reality into seven minutes of entertainment.

In particular, I’m grateful for the After-the-Fact interviews (ATFs) that we filmed after each cookoff. The judges and contestant ATFs are fertile grounds for voice-over comments during kitchen action and insight into contestants’ personalities.

Hopefully we’ll wrap this up soon (yes, I’m writing this as JR places temp lower thirds…) and I’ll make it to my 7:20PM movie in time!


A Gourmet Weekend

December 8, 2010

Judge Kristy and I at wrap - tired but exhilarated from shooting the finale episode!

I’ve been MIA from my blog because we went into pre-pro and production on a new Moovision project. This time the web series was a competition cooking show called GOURMOO COOKOFF. This summer, we filmed a teaser video to ignite interest in the show and elicit online submissions. The teaser was fun to film and was mostly about introducing the world to the show and Eric Rosen, our amazing host and food/wine/travel writer.

The show was an ABSOLUTE BLAST  to shoot!  Our stars were  four real-life cooks, selected from user-generated submissions. They were so positive, fun, gracious and talented in the kitchen. Thank you Laurie, Morena, Nicole and Robert for being wonderful to work with and for teaching me a few things about cooking!

Similarly, I adored our judging panel – celebrity chef and cookbook author Chef Lala, celebrity chef Marlon Alexander (fresh off cooking for KISS on their last tour) and popular food blogger and personal chef Kristy Bernardo. I was delighted by how fast the judges clicked with each other and became a perfect panel of opinions – they respected one another while always bringing their own individual opinions. They offered expert opinions full of insight, inspiration, and humor.

Plus we had four cameras rolling pretty much ALL the time and an excellent crew of tried ‘n true talents and new faces I hope work with again and soon. It all adds up to one thing:

I KNOW this show is going to be great.

I go into the edit room to begin the director’s cut a week from today.

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