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They Responded with the Opposite of Yes

March 6, 2010

I blogged about the following possibilities for APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER so now I feel responsible to finish the story.

We didn’t get into Florida Film Festival or Tribeca Film Festival.

ESPN “loved” the film but said that if they’d seen the film months ago they could have worked with it in some capacity but presently (which was about four weeks ago) that was no longer possible.

It may be ‘cool’ to be a filmmaker but sometimes it’s icy cold.


Another FL Screening of “The Break Up”

April 2, 2009

The Florida Film Festival wants to expose its audiences (for a second time) to my flick about a one-legged, psycho girlfriend and the boyfriend trying to dump her.  

What: The Break Up in the American Independent Competition at FFF

How:  Shorts Program #4, “Deer on Fire” 

When:  TODAY. Thursday, April 2, 4:00 PM  

Where:  WINTER PARK VILLAGE STADIUM 20.  510 North Orlando Ave, Winter Park FL 32789, 407-628-0163

Florida, WP Regal Theater, 5:30 PM

March 29, 2009

The Break Up is screening today at the 18th annual Florida Film Festival in their Shorts #4:  “Deer on Fire” program.  What does “Deer on Fire” means?  I don’t know.  Will my 7 minute film will be playing in Floriday today?  I do know.  

It will.

When:  TODAY. Sunday March 29. 5:30 PM  

Where:  WINTER PARK VILLAGE STADIUM 20.  510 North Orlando Ave, Winter Park FL 32789, 407-628-0163

“The Break Up” Selected by the Florida Film Festival

February 24, 2009

‘The Break Up is one of the 26 films chosen for the American Independent Competition from over 500 submitted in that category to the top rated* Florida Film Festival (March 27- April 5, 2009). This will be my second time screening a film at the notable festival.**

The Break Up was commissioned for the launch of Quarterlife’s social networking site in the fall of 2007. FFF is the fourth big name festival to select our super low-fi, $500 budget, made-with-a- crew-of-six-in-two-days movie. Amazing how a little movie about a jerk trying to dump his girlfriend with one leg can have such a long run. PUN INTENDED.

* According to Chris Gore in The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide; it’s also an official Academy Award qualifier for the short film category. Of over 1,950 festivals worldwide, only 47 share this distinction.

** Queen of Cactus Cove shook up the fest’s mangroves in 2006. Dominique and I attended. And sweated. Florida is hot even in March.

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