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Episode 1: Appetizers

February 16, 2011

I had a marvelous time directing GOURMOO COOKOFF. Check out the premiere episode (it went live today!) in which the contestants attempt appetizers and let me know what you think!

The Appetizers Episode includes treats like…

The awesome cast of contestants who had to submit videos of themselves, rally online voters to pick their video instead of all the other submissions, and receive our judges' vote to be finalists on the show

Our panel of expert judges who love food and being honest about it with our contestants: Chef Lala (recently on the Today Show), food blogger Kristy Bernardo, and Chef Marlon Alexander (fresh from touring with KISS!).

The shots of delicious dishes featuring lactose-free dishes. The Gourmoo Cookoff competition was sponsored by LACTAID Milk.


Hike in Limbo

January 24, 2011

This morning I went on a sunny hike at Runyon with Eric Rosen. Eric’s a food, wine, travel writer and host of GOURMOO COOKOFF, the lactose-free cooking show that I directed for Moovision this winter.

As usual, it was oodles of  fun spending time with Eric and hearing about where his next assignment is taking him (Cancun, Mexico) and where he just was (Barbados, New Zeland, France). It was also great because we’re both eager to work together again and are cooking up ideas of how to do it with a crew of two: him and me. Considering I’m quickly descending into writer-zone, I think it’d be good for me to have a small, fun, do-able project that keeps my directing skills from atrophying. Plus, hanging with Eric on his turf (vineyards, hip hotels, gorgeous destinations) would be a joy.

The hike was also good because it took my mind off UNTITLED EARTHQUAKE PROJECT. I met my morning deadline for turning in a revised outline to Aaron and Gabe, but the outline was accompanied by an honest letter expressing my concerns. This is a step forward — I’m able to communicate what’s nagging me about the project, and, I believe, stopping me from putting my heart into it. Last week was tough with EARTHQUAKE, and it got thornier when personal stuff intimately intwined with the story in a way that hasn’t proven good or bad.


Tomorrow can’t arrive fast enough. I’m incredibly eager to meet with the team because they’ll help stop this lost feeling. They are pros when it comes to having perspective, fresh ideas, patience and defining next steps. Right now, I’m floating around without even a treasure in mind let a lone a map to find it. And I’m naked. This is not how I like to feel when it comes to work.

Of course, a certain amount of uncomfortableness is good; it pushes you and challenges your resolve. I have a feeling all of this is a test by the greater movie/writing gods to make me better. But, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m craving waking up knowing what I’m working towards and being excited about it even if it’s a merciless process (which most writing is). This is the first time in a long time that I’m not creatively enthralled with a project and/or busting ass in pre/post/production. This kind of quiet drives me crazy. I might have to go make a beef stew to stay busy.

Pug Attack!

January 7, 2011

I’m sitting next to a celebrity!  Well, he’s certainly a celebrity in Pug Nation and soon, hopefully, he will be know all across the country.

Next to me is JR Burningham, my Moovision editor! But he’s so much more than that – great guy, boyfriend of Tess, SLC-native, USC film grad, screenwriter and director, and…. the creator of “Pug Attack,” which is one of five finalists in the Doritos®-sponsored “Crash the Super Bowl” contest!

Doritos® issued a challenge for fans to write, shoot and submit their best idea for a Doritos® commercial. Over 5,000 entries were submitted and the list has been narrowed down to five finalists. Now it’s time for YOU to decide that “Pug Attack” should be sprung on the approximate 106.5 million people who will watch the Super Bowl. The top 3 vote-grabbing commercials will be air during Super Bowl XLV! Click here to Vote!

This means that as JR and I work on the final tweaks to the GOURMOO COOKOFF episodes,* he’s responding to support from pug-lovers worldwide and taking calls from the press. Ahem, I believe the Wall Street Journal is calling later this after. YES!!!

The best news?  “Pug Attack” is hilarious. I cracked up the first time I saw — litarally LOLed.  This is not the situation in which you vote for your friend’s video because it’s your friend’s video. Nope. You vote for “Pug Attack” because it’s good. You can hold your head high and support this pug with pride.

There’s more: if any of the top 3 commercials is selected as the best by USA Today Ad Meter, Doritos® will award the makers of that commercial $1,000,000! A second place selection wins $600,000 and a third place selections wins $400,000. If the 3 Doritos® commercials take USA Today Ad Meter’s top 3 spots then everyone wins an extra $1,000,000!

I want to know a millionaire: please vote for JR’s “Pug Attack.”

*The five GOURMOO episodes are coming along beautifully!  Everyone on the team is so happy with the shows, and I’m thrilled with everything from Chris Westlake‘s music to our host Eric Rosen‘s performance to the lovable contestants and judges to the perfect makeup by Desirae Cherman to the gorgeous sets by Scott Enge.

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