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Me and Sloppy

September 24, 2010

Last week Easy A, a female-driven teen comedy, landed second in the box office and Sophie Jordan’s young adult novel, Firelight, was nabbed by Mandalay Pictures, Entertainment Weekly’s “Pop Watch” blog asked What Young Adult Novel Should Hollywood Adapt Next?

At the top of EW’s list is Megan McCafferty‘s Sloppy Firsts. I couldn’t agree more. Sloppy Firsts has moved hundreds of thousands of readers to LOL, scream OMG! ♥ Marcus Flutie, and find a BFF in Jessica Darling, the series’ protagonist. I’m one of those readers, and for the last five years I’ve been thinking of the book as a film. In Jessica’s one-of-a-kind voice, the novel brilliantly, hilariously, and heartbreakingly captures the humor and drama of the teen experience. Jessica “Notso” Darling is an unforgettable, modern day heroine who we’ve been waiting for since Molly Ringwald abandoned the throne.

My absolute passion for Megan’s NYT best selling “Jessica Darling” series lead Gabe Reiter (Taurus Road Productions) and I to option Sloppy Firsts with The Operating Room earlier this year.

Since then I adapted the book to a screenplay. The script is now being considered by buyers who will hopefully agree with EW’s rallying call and the huge audience who spent around $791 million supporting the Twilight franchise and who are certainly hungry for their own Hughes-esque classic. I know I am.


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