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Successful Screening

January 25, 2010

More people were there for the actual screening.

Last week I was super busy with some exciting news that I can’t quite yet announce… Because of these other matters, I didn’t get a chance to update you on the unquestionable SUCCESS of the Appointment in Vancouver screening on Tuesday night.

It was our first screening in LA and because it was on the West side and raining, I truly didn’t expect a turn out at the event hosted by Film Independent. I was wrong – never underestimate the power of free beer. The place was packed.

I hadn’t yet seen the film play before a big audience. We created it with TV in mind and, thus, never tested it for a crowd.  Wow. We should have when we were feeling frustrated because it turns out this might be the most “crowd-pleasing” film I’ve made so far.  To be totally honest, I haven’t seen a movie play AUDIBLY engage an audience in a crowded, festival-type setting in a LONG time. People were laughing, gasping, cringing, and yelling (in a good way).

My friend Nickels reported back that the guy next to her was so into the action that he was pointing at the screen, raising his arms in victory, and physically recoiling during the horrific crashes.

Another friend referred to a 7 minute sequence in which we chronicle the threebrutal crashes Casey survived in 2007 (which comprehensively caused his 5th knee surgery) as the “comedy sequence.”  People loved this section – awed into laughing with every sound byte and image exemplifying Casey’s insane dedication and almost comical tendency to crash with style. I always thought elements of the film were funny but this crowd was roaring.

On the opposite extreme, in the intense Grindelwald section, the room was absolutely silent. Gripped with fear of what the fate was of their new favorite Olympian.  By the credits, everyone in the room was a fan of Casey’s.


TONIGHT: Free Screening of My Movie

January 19, 2010

Friends and Fans,

My documentary about 4-time Olympian and Skier Cross superstar Casey Puckett is screening in Los Angeles TONIGHT! 7:30pm. W Hotel. Westwood.

Casey will be racing for GOLD in the Vancouver Games on Feb. 21, so let’s just all call this screening what it is: a hotbed of Olympic fever. Get out the red-white-n-blue face paint!

This film is indeed “the ski movie” Seth Caplan and I have been making for the last three years. Nowadays we call it APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER* and direct people to purchase it at,, or our website.

However, lucky you can see it for FREE. And drink FREE beer. And eat FREE popcorn. It’s all part of Film Independent’s Cinema Lounge. For more details, check out my earlier post about the event.

The Olympics are only 29 days away, so come out and discover who you should be rooting for in February!

Going for Gold,


*APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER is an enthralling documentary about four-time Olympian Casey Puckett and his journey to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics to compete for gold in the Games’ newest medal sport: Skier Cross.  In addition to the thrilling Skier Cross action footage, APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER delivers an intimate portrait of a world-class athlete preparing for the most important race of his long career.  Following Casey through victories, defeats, family drama and injuries, the film offers audiences a rare, exclusive glimpse of the mental and physical preparations an Olympic athlete endures.  The film crew followed Casey for more than three years to capture his story. Featuring interviews with close friends of Casey and ski legends Daron Rahlves and Finn Gundersen, the movie also boasts: POV race footage shot from helmet cams, disastrous ski crashes from around the globe, and never-before-seen footage of Casey on and off of the mountain.

X-Rated at the W Hotel

December 18, 2009

APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER going to X Games!  And so am I!  Thanks to Sprint‘s support of Casey and AIV, they will host a Casey Puckett appearance/AIV dvd signing from their tent in Aspen during the coolest winter sports competition of the year.*

This is exactly what I wanted to happen. I knew AIV had to be repped at X Games in some manner — the yearly event takes place in Casey’s hometown, is a mainline to Skier Cross fans and extreme sport aficionados, is responsible for introducing Skier Cross to the American public, and occurs a month before the Olympics (1/28-31/2010).

It’s a perfect match and perfectly timed to reach AIV’s target audience.

When Casey won his first X Games, they gave him a baby.

Plus, Casey will be there competing and available to promote AIV when he’s not trying to win his THIRD X Games SX gold medal!  An appetizer before Olympic gold?

I’m extra thrilled because it’ll be my first time seeing a Skier Cross race in person.  I’m already drafting my “Go Casey!” sign. I also called my brother to invite him along. He’s dying for an excuse to attend and, heck, he’s IN the movie.  He can do appearances too… and find us somewhere to stay for cheap b/c he knows everyone in Aspen.

The X Games event will happen just a week after the first Los Angeles screening of APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER.  Film Independent’s Cinema Lounge invited AIV to screen on Tuesday, January 19 at the W Hotel.  This is a great and affordable way for us to finally share AIV with our amazingly supportive LA friends who have been there since AIV was just ‘that ski movie.’  The screening will be free and the W has a gorgeous bar for all of us to celebrate at after the credits roll.

*More on X Games: (more…)

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