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True Luchese – Sunday at 9

July 8, 2011

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Check out Michelle Luchese on TRUE BLOOD this Sunday at 9!

I love working with Michelle when I directed Bonnie Gillespie’s Cricket Feet Actor’s Showcase, and later when I cast her in a reoccurring role in LilyDidIt. Michelle is a talented comedic and dramatic actress that brings so much professionalism and energy to her work. I’m always looking for the next opportunity to work with her.

But in the meantime, I will watch her this Sunday in what’s already proving to be a great season!


Pages 312-315 by Anna

February 23, 2009

The 3rd edition of Bonnie Gillespie‘s Self-Management for Actors: Getting Down to (Show) Business is now available. What’s new and great about the 3rd edition vs. the 2nd? Pages 312-315 are the 4 pages I wrote!

Bonnie asked me to contribute to her book by sharing my thoughts on casting and auditions in a “From a Director’s POV” section. Considering many of my thoughts on casting have emerged from projects Bonnie cast (Queen, Tuesday, Kitty, LilyDidIt), it was a special honor that she asked me to share. Thanks Bon for giving me the opportunity to blab about one of my favorite aspects of filmmaking!

Self-Management for Actors: Getting Down to (Show) Business is available at

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