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The A-Team

September 30, 2009

I’ve been asked to be a member of the AFI Alumni Steering Committee. It’s a small, freshly-assembled group of crackerjack, young alums who love AFI like a fat kid loves cake. Lead by Patrick Creadon (C ’93), we’ve been charged with generating an alumni community that connects the AFI grads to the school and to each other.  We are not fundraising.  Thank. God.

This endeavor is long overdue.  Our alumni network is made up of talented, extremely independent, ambitious, one-of-a-kind filmmakers.  They are the kind of people who don’t naturally seem to stay tightly connected after graduation.  Maybe if we had a football team (like USC) to rally around, things would be different?

The steering committee and I think our alumni network has tremendous potential to be a stronger community and industry network-y system for its members.  We’ve already rocked our first meeting and brainstormed ideas that included events, weekly screenings, mentorship programs. We’re sussing stuff out; I’m inspired.


AFI Alum Dinner: We Ate Steak

March 18, 2009

We = Sixty-seven AFI alumni, including some of my absolute favorite friends and collaborators as well as older alums who I’ve wanted to meet.

Ate = Without exception of non-chewing activities like drinking, talking really loud, bashing and praising Watchmen, brainstorming films featuring St. Paddy’s Day (Curtis Pierce wins with Leprechaun), and seeing people we hadn’t seen in years — yes, I’m talking about you Kevin Abrams. I’m so glad you aren’t dead!

Steak = Imagine a huge hunk of medium-rare meat the size of your paperback of Twilight. Thank you, Mr. Morton. I can’t even believe I was considering ordering the salmon. Thank you, Sarah for scowling at the notion.

The Two Bobs (Dean Robert Mandel and Bob Gazzale) and Allen J. Bernstein hosted the event benefiting the AFI Conservatory Scholoraship Fund, and Cathy Wischner-Sola (Alumni Coordinator & my former writing prof) organized it. Thanks to Cathy, this year’s dinner focused on bringing more young’uns into the nexus, which is one reason I was thrilled to host a table.


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