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Director’s Cuts of Gourmoo Cookoff

December 19, 2010

JR and I spent all of last week working on the director’s cuts of Moovision’s  GOURMOO COOKOFF. We finished everything except the finale by Friday night, which meant that Gabe, JR and I convened on this rainy Sunday after they had (separate) brunches with their girlfriends and I did Kenpo kickboxing with Bowles to complete episode five.

I’ve love editing this show. I knew I would half way through shooting. The cast is great and lovable and the foodilicious footage is PLENTIFUL. We had four cameras and were not stingy with them. Poor JR had over 24 hours of footage to dig through to make the assemblies.

I’m having a blast working with the reality-style content and defining each episode’s story based on key moments, dramatic judging and great sound bytes from the contestants and judges. It’s amazing how you can condense two hours of reality into seven minutes of entertainment.

In particular, I’m grateful for the After-the-Fact interviews (ATFs) that we filmed after each cookoff. The judges and contestant ATFs are fertile grounds for voice-over comments during kitchen action and insight into contestants’ personalities.

Hopefully we’ll wrap this up soon (yes, I’m writing this as JR places temp lower thirds…) and I’ll make it to my 7:20PM movie in time!


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