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Sloppy First’s Announcement on “Oh No They Didn’t”

October 19, 2011

Thanks to Oh No They Didn’t! (a celebrity gossip site with member commentary) for excitement for the SLOPPY FIRSTS movie and great shout-out to me! I am thrilled to see all the great ONTD member posts – 303 and counting, boom. And I am, of course, reading them all. Love you, Sloppy Champions of the World. We gotta come up with a name for all of us who love Jessica Darling and Megan‘s books and want to see them go from PAGE TO SCREEN. Little Darlings? Sloppy Peeps? Coolest Crews? If you’ve got a suggestion, post it here!

I’m also catching up on my gossip on my celeb gossip on ONTD. It’s a win-win.

Young, Hungry, Favorite

April 25, 2011

Friday was Earth Day, so I didn’t dare to steal the planet’s spotlight.

But now that everyone’s back to littering, I want to jump-up-and-down about being listed on the Young and Hungry list! Thanks for naming me as one of “the top 100 screenwriters on the verge.”

And thanks to my dad for asking me if this means his favorite daughter is halfway to “rich and famous.” The answer is hahahahahahahahahaha.

And, hey, double hooray for me for also making the “Favorite Daughter” list.

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