My Early Days and First Career

Anna Christopher grew up in Hinsdale, Illinois, writing stories and riding horses. She then went on to attend Northwestern University and later the American Film Institute for Directing. Her short films have screened at film festivals worldwide and won numerous audience awards, a student Emmy and Best Family Pilot at The New York Television Festival. Her narrative work includes the quirky rom-com short The Internet Date, the viral hit Sunday Is Coming and the comedic web series Lisa’s Advice, in which she also stars. Her most recent short, Never Seen You Shine So Bright, premiered at the Shoot ‘Em Up story-screenplay-film series in Los Angeles.  Anna’s other projects include directing IMG_7301_RTbranded digital and broadcast content for LilyDidIt E-cards, Dannon, Olay, Trojan, Lactaid and the acclaimed Proctor & Gamble “Raising an Olympian” series, as well as Appointment in Vancouver a documentary following Olympic skier Casey Puckett to the Vancouver Games. As part of the annual LA based production of Unscreened, Anna directed her one-act play Adios Assholes, which she is now adapting to make as her feature directing debut. Anna wrote for MTV’s AWKWARD and SCREAM: The TV Series. Anna’s various film and television projects in development around town tend to deal with strong women, hilarious mischief and the pursuit of love — or as she likes to call it, an average Thursday night. Anna gets her best notes from her Mom and loved owls before they became hip. Currently, Anna is writing for the EQUESTRIA GIRLS series and finishing an original pilot.

Now, the good stuff…

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Best Halloween Costume: Tie between Jem at age 8 and Hamburglar at age 24.

Favorite Movie: I hate this question.

Best Movie of All Time: Never gonna answer that.

Greatest Film You’ve Ever Seen: For. Get. It.

Movies Watched More Than Once: You got me.  The Godfather I and II, His Girl Friday, Almost Famous, Diner, Mean Girls, Annie Hall, Back to the Future.

Most Memorable Meal: With my family on Captiva Island when I was 13. Lobster, mashed potatoes, and key lime pie.  We were all sunburned.

Current Nail Color:  Midnight in Lincoln Park. (OPI)

Favorite Muppet: Animal.

Pet Peeve: Hugging people I don’t really like and sharing food.  Tapas are my worst nightmare.

Secret Weapon: Nearly indestructible metal alloy adamantium claws that retract into my knuckles.  It’s like Wolverine but better.  And by ‘better’ I mean freakier because I have ’em in my feet too.

Most Memorable Moviemaking Experience: Day three of Queen of Cactus Cove when all our preparations as a team came together, my personal prep as a director was paying off, the wheels of production were turning, the actors were clicking, and the movie became its own thing — bigger than any of the single components, and the best thing I could do was get out of its way and let it be great.


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