Shining Bright with a New Film

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.51.53 PMCheck out my most recent directing work: NEVER SEEN YOU SHINE SO BRIGHT!

I really love this little movie — the story is warm and simple but true and heartfelt (and funny!), and our cast and crew were fantastic, shiny, bright stars in every way.  We shot on a Saturday and premiered the film the following Thursday at Shoot ‘Em Up.***  Speedy post perfection thanks to our editor Sarah!

To those who committed their talents, energy, ideas, and time to making this shiny, bright gem of a film, THANK YOU.  It was a joy to collaborate with you, and I look forward to the next opportunity to work together.
***ShootEm Up is a Los Angeles based show produced by Gary Buchler and Monte LaMonte that explores the evolution of a story, to a script, to a film & takes place over three events during a three-month period. 

Starting out with a night of storytelling, 6 storytellers tell true stories from their lives. Those stories are then given to screenwriters who have a month to create a screenplay inspired by the story they are assigned. We come back a month later and have a live table read of the screenplays. The screenplays are then given to filmmakers who have a month to shoot a short inspired by the screenplays. And for one last time we come together again and screen the shorts inspired by the screenplays (inspired by the stories).

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