Jeepers Creepers! It WAS My Episode of Scream

My first episode of SCREAM aired this Tuesday at 10pm (if you missed it you can watch it here)!

Entertainment Weekly’s photo recap was hilarious and smart and said nice things like: “This week, “Jeepers Creepers” ended with one of the more stomach-churning acts of violence on the show yet…” AND  “I can’t help it, nobody can help it, but this plotline with Brooke and Stavo falling for each other is actually pretty charming. He is a creepyhunk, and she is a mean angel, but it still feels like a good matchup. Yeah, they had bonded while high on ayahuasca, but relationships have been founded on less.”


The best review came from my mom who said she is even more confused about who the killer is because of my episode.  She also wondered if I knew who the killer is.

I do.

Scream-2x06_10.jpgI do.

Tune in next week for a gruesomely awesome ep by the one-and-only Mr. Steve Yockey!  TUESDAYS at 10PM ON MTV.

In the meantime, here some of my favorite photo recaps from my little baby episode cutey 206:




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