“Girls Night Out” Activia Videos

A few months ago, three best friends OF FIFTY YEARS came to LA to star in an Activia commericial with Jamie Lee Curtis, and I got to follow them around with a camera capturing their adventure! The behind-the-scenes mini doc chronicles Karen, Flo and Carol’s two days in LA. The days flew by; we were with our ladies from their arrival at LAX to packing up their bags for the flight home. After half a century of friendship, these women have rich memories of experiencing camaraderie, love, children, hardship, sadness, and joy together. I’m so grateful they were willing to share their stories with me.

My favorite moments on the job were my exit interviews with the women. By then, I was real-life friends with them and loved seeing them so comfortable and genuine in front of the camera. It was also a highlight to be with them the first time they stepped onto set and met Jamie Lee. I knew what a special moment it was for them. Look out for a glimpse of ME in “The Big Day” episode — I’m the one taking the photo ofthe ladies and Jamie Lee as directed by Jamie. The actual commercial starring Karen, Flo and Carol is playing now nationally!

Thanks to Dominique, a friend I hope to have for fifty years, for a beautiful job filming this project!

2 Responses to ““Girls Night Out” Activia Videos”

  1. Dana Wilson Says:

    so cool, I can’t wait to film an activia commercial in 40 years

  2. Florence Mahanna Says:

    I hope you have that opportunity as well. Anna actually made us feel at home and comfortable around the camera. We were ready the day of because of her. What a great person and how well she does her job. Thanks Anna, again for a wonderful experience. And yes, you and Dominique will make it to 50 if you work at it. Florence

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