I Want to Put a Cinemagraph in My Next Movie

I’m just waiting for the right moment in the right story to do something like a cinemagraph in a film. “These moments that can exist forever” liberate a frozen moment by giving life back to one small, magical component of the bigger stilled image. “It allows a moment to live on.”

These animations are so small in their movement and/or in their focus but embed so much enchantment and meaning to a frozen moment. “Whatever that one thing that is alive is what your eye is going to go to. It sets the emotional impact of what the cinemagraph will be.”

Animated GIFs: The Birth of a Medium by Off Book by PBS Arts is fun and informative but go to 4:19 for more on Jamie Beck and Kevin Berg‘s tutorial on the magic and beauty of cinemagraphs.

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One Response to “I Want to Put a Cinemagraph in My Next Movie”

  1. briel79 Says:

    Those cinemagraphs are gorgeous! I want to see how they make them.

    It was bugging me the whole video how they all pronounced gif differently and then I had to laugh at the end when they were arguing about who was right. I don’t care what’s right, I’m sticking with the “g” sound (not “j”). 🙂

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