I saw the footage for my short…

This shot from OFFICE BET required me, my dp, the camera and an AC to be squeezed into the backseat of our picture car. I ran sound.

Sunday, I watched the four and a half hours of footage from our OFFICE BET shoot with my editor and… the dailies are WONDERFUL.

The performances are great; the shots are beautiful; the cast is lovable; the writing made me laugh like it was my first time hearing it — every take of Lauren Flans saying “Also, you have some food on your face” left me cracking up out loud. And, perhaps the best producer-y news: the whole movie is there. No reshoots needed. This was particularly awesome because the shoot was so challenging —  we filmed four scenes in an hour an a half with no crane or lights whereas we had planned on four hours, crane, lights, crew and not angry neighbors and the residential street turning into a highway of traffic. The truth is that I LOVE how these scenes came out — just proves, yet again, that if you and your team is prepared, you can make curveballs into home runs.

I am so excited to see an assemble cut!


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