I’ve Never Experienced This Before

The fans of Megan McCafferty‘s novel SLOPPY FIRSTS are wowing me. They are incredibly smart, funny, articulate, fun and passionate. I always knew this — heck, I’m one of them — but the outpouring of support, faith, thoughtfulness, and enthusiasm they’ve bestowed upon me and the Sloppy Firsts Movie Team is something I’ve never experienced before now. The onslaught of advocacy is due to the “Dream Casting Contest” we launched in celebration of the novel’s 10th Anniversary. The winners won access to the Director’s Video “Bible” we’ve created to communicate my vision for the film. Megan has been encouraging the winners (congrats to Karen G. and the 164 winning commenters!) to post their comments and notes to the exclusive video glimpse into how I see the movie.

The overwhelmingly positive reactions from the fans reminds me of what an honor it is to bring Jessica Darling and her story to the screen. There is great responsibility in this job, but the support from the SF community further ignites my great passion for doing the job with grace and mastery. I may not personally know the thousands of Sloppy fans, but I feel very connected to them and regard them as a community of wise, passionate folks who are by my side, cheering me on. I can’t wait to make a great film for them.

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6 Responses to “I’ve Never Experienced This Before”

  1. Ginger @ GReads! Says:

    I had the honor of watching your “vision” for the film & let me just say… it is AMAZING. I cried while watching it. Yes, that really happened. And not because it’s some emotional, omg-bawl-your-eyes-out glimpse of Sloppy Firsts the movie, but because YOU have captured the voice of Jessica Darling SPOT ON. I am so beyond pumped for this movie!!! I think my favorite aspect of the movie vision is the use of texts through out, you mentioned using them as almost another character in the film. I think that element would be awesome & so in tune with the feel of where you want to take this movie.

    Thank you for creating this & sharing it with SLOPPY FIRSTS fans!!

  2. Anna Says:

    G – Thank you so much for this wonderful support. It means so much. Making a movie is super challenging — it’s gonna be great to remember this support and excitement from you during the tougher days to help keep me and my team going!

  3. flo Says:

    Hi, Anna! I couldn’t watch your video butI trust you because I see your enthusiasm and it makes me even more excited. I want to ask you if you’re going to hold open casting calls for this movie because I’m an actress and I would love to audition for it!

  4. Anna Says:

    Great question! Right now we’re still figure out a lot and that includes casting. I do know that IF we do an open call, I’ll definitely post it on this blog so just keep tabs on my posts and you’ll be in the know! THANK YOU so much for your support!!! Can’t wait of us to make a great film!

  5. A Says:

    Hi Anna, you might have already noticed you got some new hits from Oh No They Didn’t, but I just wanted to give you a suggestion- if you need to show anyone any proof that a Sloppy Firsts movie will have and already has LOTS of interest in it and deserves being optioned to a very lucky studio, look no further: http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/63613039.html

    80 FB like’s (which is a lot for ONTD, just compare it to other posts) and 293 comments (which is very good for a book post). ONTD has “predicted” huge successes before almost anyone in the entertainment industry, based on how much interest and comments certain posts get. Just to give you a nice comparison you might want to show those know-nothing producer types, this is what the first Twilight post was back in 2007, before anyone thought anything about the possibility of it becoming such a huge success (except for the actual readers): http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/20057251.html

    Yeah that got 340 comments, but when you consider that was when the books were fresh and just coming out rather than ten years old, the difference is pretty miniscule.

    Also, an aside, PLEASE set it in 2001! Everyone agrees! http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/63613039.html?thread=10909754991#t10909754991 (as you can see, people are pretty passionate about this book, lol). It was a book a lot of us strongly connected to in our teenage years. That’s another thing you can say- our generation is the most nostalgic at the moment with our Nickelodeon and Disney movie obsessions, so another nostalgic trip is sure to get us. Then adults have also been known to connect to the books (they’re not in the YA section after all), and today’s teenagers also will easily- even if it is set in 2001. Seriously, it would be cool to set it in the recent past in my opinion. And it’s not so far off that it feels foreign. It’s just accurate.

    Finally, sorry about all the rambling, but I’d suggest reading all the comments on that ONTD post if you want to get a good sense of your audience, because that’s really a lot of them right there. And please do an amazing job on this film!! We’re all standing behind you guys in support, and we want the best movie possible :).

  6. Anna Says:

    A – thank you, thank you, thank you for this incredibly well researched and (as always with SF fans) passionate post. You made my day! I am so thrilled by the ONTD post. More fuel in my personal love for the project, as well as you said, a good indicator of the fabulous fanbase.

    Unfortunately, we would need to be seeing hundreds of thousands of posts, likes, hits, etc. for the producers with $ to take notice. It’s a bummer because I consider a passionate few very powerful in this day and age when so many messages are being thrown our way on tv, the internet, the big screen, our phones, etc. When a book and character touch the hearts of a tangible group — maybe not a GIGANTIC group — there’s gotta be something there. However, in the movie biz, formulas and math do a lot of the talking because so much money is at stake when you make a film. Let’s just say if producers/executives could be guaranteed SF’s XXX million fans were going to come out and buy tickets, we’d probably already be in production.

    Nonetheless, this is not a reason to stop pushing forward and I have complete faith that Jessica “Notso” Darling is notso likely to stay just on the page. I’m determined and impassioned to make this film!

    As for the setting of the film, I’d love to hear more reasons you feel it should be set in 2001? You already make a good one, i.e. the nostalgia factor. What else is there that makes that important to you? On the flip side, I’m especially interested if you had any thoughts from the point of view of someone investing in the movie — like we were just discussing — from the “business” of the “show business” point of view, what benefits are there to setting it in 2001?

    Thanks again for your wonderful post and support!

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