Short, Simple Review of “Crazy, Stupid, Love”


Laughed and cried.

Remembered that Steve Carrell is one of the top 20 most likable onscreen actors. Ever.

Was spellbound by Ryan Gosling. Again. Oh boy.

Would watch a whole whole movie about the Jacob and Hannah characters in a heartbeat* (The roles were played by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.)

Am impressed by Analeigh Tipton, who plays the teenage girl. Putting her on the potential Jessica Darling list.

Recommending the movie if you want an earnest, sweet, funny movie with good performances and a thoughtful pace.

*The friend who saw the movie with me articulated this first. He deserves the cred. Congrats, Jarrod, this is your first AC blog shout-out. Your medal is in the mail.


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2 Responses to “Short, Simple Review of “Crazy, Stupid, Love””

  1. Briel K. Says:

    I’m seeing it on Sunday and can’t wait! I love Ryan, though aside from him it looks good as well. I’m sad he moved to NY and I’ll no longer see him working up a sweat at the gym anymore. haha

    Analeigh was my favorite on her season of ANTM. I’m glad to see she’s branching out into acting too.

  2. film mbakunti Says:

    Ryan is so delicious in this movie. Everytime he was in a scene I couldn’t take my eyes off him, or wait for him to reappear. My new celeb crush I think. One movie can change the world people

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