In News of Radness of My Friends

On Sunday at Upright Citizens Brigade, I saw HIGH ROAD, the feature that my friend Josh Weiner co-wrote with Matt Walsh. The movie’s cast boasts a slew of funny, talented actors that you know you can count on to make you laugh — Joe Lo Truglio, Rob Riggle, Ed Helms, Abby Elliot, Lizzy Caplan, whose character and performance as “Sheila” were hilarious. I particularly loved Matt Jones‘s performance and discovering Dylan O’Brien without his TEEN WOLF paws. Congrats, Josh! (PS – Follow Josh on Twitter. I guarantee he’ll crack you up).


CONGRATULATIONS TO JUSTIN RHODES for selling his sci-fi spec script to Warner Brothers!! Justin and I studied in the AFI directing program together and have remained friends and supporters of each other even after graduation. He’s a tremendously talented director and writer — so much so that when we met I didn’t know if I wanted to be friends with him at first. 🙂 I came around. Boo-yah, Justin!

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