The Biggest Things to Happen in the Last Two and a Half Weeks

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1. I got an iPhone. You weren’t joking. It has taken me to the next level of everything — communicating, productivity, creativity (instagram = insta-artistry), and Scrabble prowess.

2. I delivered draft 3 of Untitled Earthquake Movie. It’s the leanest the script has ever been and I tried something new with the Fake-Out-Love-Story B Plot. I wonder what the guys will say.

3. I got my car washed today. First time in ????? It was a safety precaution because I couldn’t see out the back window so well. See an instagram photo from the lathering in the slideshow above — combo of #1 and #3 awesome happenings!

4. The magical black and white cat that is an harbinger of success has taken to HANGING OUT ON MY FRONT PORCH. Usually he/she enjoys the rugged hillside that’s visible out my kitchen window but these days he/she must have something special brewing or me if he/she is on my doorstep. Success is on my doorstep. It’s black and white.

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One Response to “The Biggest Things to Happen in the Last Two and a Half Weeks”

  1. Sarah Says:

    What will you call the cat?

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