Katniss’s Flaming Herocomplex

This “motion poster” for the film adaptation of the THE HUNGER GAMES is rad.

There is a more eloquent, intelligent, and soulful articulation of my feelings for this introductory visual to the film that is based on a book series that I geek out for, but my brain is fried from a day of writing, phone calls, meetings and getting a ticket from a bike cop. Yeah, a BIKE cop.

I’m sorry I can’t embedded the fancy motion poster. Doing that would involve a plug in and privately hosting my blog — two things that I am not as interested in as I am in getting some pizza.

Btw, I love that you can also pick up an embedable countdown to the movie’s March 2012 release. Harry Potter said his goodbyes; now it’s time for a badass GIRL to take the lead in amazing-teens-in-other-worlds/times-of-good-story-franchise-glory.

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