MEOW! The Incredible Kitty Is Alive

The new website for The Kitty Landers Show is live! And it’s chockablock with fun, fresh Kitty-rific stuff! Check out the “Fun

It’s been so long since I got to direct the Kitty pilot (which you can watch as a 11-part webseries on the site) that I definitely am feeling nostaglic looking at pics and watching new videos Regina (aka THE Kitty Landers) has been making for the site like the fancy home page landing video. Don’t miss “Sergio’s Weekly Fortunes.” Sergio is a plant who is very wise and handy with fortune cookies. Remember, you’re in Kitty Landers land. There’s interactive elements too! No joke!  Check out the “Fun and Games” section.

As always, Kitty/Regina is such an inspiration to “Use whatch’ya got, not whatch’ya not.” This wonderful site is a credit to that philosophy and her talent as both an actress and artist. I can’t wait for all our Kitty fans, both the kiddies and the adults, to enjoy a new dose of Kitty.

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