Ahhh-Blaah-Blagg-Bla You Say?

We’re in the homestretch with the Director’s Presentation for SLOPPY FIRSTS which means that this week I got to record the pitch I usually (and preferably) perform live in tandem with the 15 minute video we’ve created.

We favor the live pitch because it’s so much more effective and fun to listen to me gush about professionally articulate my vision for this movie and the reasons it’s as clear as crystal that I’m the best and only person who should direct SF. Plus, I try and bring ice cream sandwiches. Who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches!? Lactose-intolerant people. That’s a topic for another post that I will never write.

So even though we pref pitching live, the SF team knows that having the video with my voiceover narration included is a useful tool for sharing my vision with interested parties that live in distant lands (like Iowa), are recluses (the best investors!), and people who get off on going to secret websites and typing in security passwords in order to watch confidential files (me!).

The recording of my narration was very tedious and challenging. I was reminded, yet again, of why I have no interest in being an actor. IT’S REALLY HARD. Luckily, Gabe was there to direct me a bit and, of course, I couldn’t help directing myself in a few ways. More emotion! Too fast! Annunciate! Slower please! Stop burping!

It took three hours, but we got it.

We got some other nuggets too! Like this favorite flub I found when I was reviewing the material for preferred takes. It is a moment that from the onset I was clearly confused (by the script/pitch I’d written), off pace (if you go at a weird half-speed does anyone notice?) and tangled up in my own mouth. It will not be a part of the final cut.


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