Who’s Your V-Correspondent?

Alison Haislip was on my TV last night looking gorgeous and rocking it as “The Voice’s” backstage online and social media correspondent!

Why do I care?

Because Alison is one of my original LilyDidIt cast members! I remember her audition tape fondly and I bet Bonnie, my casting director, does too! I was so impressed by her audition that I created a role for her. She played “Alison,” Lily’s best friend, and appears in almost as many of the LDI vids as Lily does.

Now, Alison is the V-correspondent for NBC’s new musical competition show, “The Voice,” which is already my new favorite show; I cried twice during the first episode.  As the V-correspondent, Alison has a sweet gig:

She takes viewers behind-the-scenes with interviews, videos, photos, and news about the coaches, host, and artists. She’s also your direct digital connection to everything that’s going on with the show and loves to stay in touch with fans via this blog, twitter, and Facebook.

Big congrats Alison! I’m excited to follow your behind-the-scenes inside scoop on “The Voice” from the interwebs!

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One Response to “Who’s Your V-Correspondent?”

  1. Gabe Says:

    What! Totally awesome!

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