ARTHUR! The Original is Great!

I watched ARTHUR (1981) with my parents tonight. It blew my mind. So funny. Such good writing. Dudley Moore is aces. I feel like I’ve just discovered a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream that was lost in the back of the freezer yet somehow remained freezer-burn free.

There are so many hilarious lines in this movie! I want to write them all here but I’ll just include one bit:

Burt Johnson: [smiling broadly] When I was 11 years old, I KILLED a man.
Arthur: Well, when you’re 11 you probably don’t even know there’s a law against that. Is Susan here?
Burt Johnson: I knew what I was doing. We were poor. He came into our house to steal our food.
Arthur: Well, he was asking for it.
Burt Johnson: I took a knife, and I killed him in the kitchen.
Arthur: You, uh… probably ate out that night, what with that man lying in your kitchen.

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