Gotta Love That GOD OF LOVE

Congrats to Luke Matheny for the Academy Award® nomination of his short film, GOD OF LOVE!

Luke Matheny at this year's Angelus Awards

This film is one of the best shorts I’ve seen in a long time. I had the opportunity to view GOD OF LOVE as a juror for the Angelus Student Film Festival this fall, and I was not alone in thinking the film was remarkable. The jury was wowed by Luke’s unique directorial voice, soulful filmmaking and  command of technique and style. We awarded him the festival’s top honor, the Patrick Petyon Award.

The 18-minute comedy about a lounge-singing darts champion who receives a package of love-inducing darts, was also winner of the gold medal at the 2010 Student Academy Awards. See a clip here. Luke’s Academy Award® nomination for GOD OF LOVE marks the third consecutive year for Angelus winners to be tapped for Oscars.

Me and the other Angelus Award Winner alums at this year's festival. I'm in the back right!

At the Angelus awards ceremony, when I congratulated Luke, I told him I was excited to see what he made next. His distinctive gift for storytelling certainly make him ‘one to watch.’ Hopefully, now with an Academy Award® nomination for Best Live Action Short under his belt, he’ll be making another film sooner than later!

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