Hike in Limbo

This morning I went on a sunny hike at Runyon with Eric Rosen. Eric’s a food, wine, travel writer and host of GOURMOO COOKOFF, the lactose-free cooking show that I directed for Moovision this winter.

As usual, it was oodles of  fun spending time with Eric and hearing about where his next assignment is taking him (Cancun, Mexico) and where he just was (Barbados, New Zeland, France). It was also great because we’re both eager to work together again and are cooking up ideas of how to do it with a crew of two: him and me. Considering I’m quickly descending into writer-zone, I think it’d be good for me to have a small, fun, do-able project that keeps my directing skills from atrophying. Plus, hanging with Eric on his turf (vineyards, hip hotels, gorgeous destinations) would be a joy.

The hike was also good because it took my mind off UNTITLED EARTHQUAKE PROJECT. I met my morning deadline for turning in a revised outline to Aaron and Gabe, but the outline was accompanied by an honest letter expressing my concerns. This is a step forward — I’m able to communicate what’s nagging me about the project, and, I believe, stopping me from putting my heart into it. Last week was tough with EARTHQUAKE, and it got thornier when personal stuff intimately intwined with the story in a way that hasn’t proven good or bad.


Tomorrow can’t arrive fast enough. I’m incredibly eager to meet with the team because they’ll help stop this lost feeling. They are pros when it comes to having perspective, fresh ideas, patience and defining next steps. Right now, I’m floating around without even a treasure in mind let a lone a map to find it. And I’m naked. This is not how I like to feel when it comes to work.

Of course, a certain amount of uncomfortableness is good; it pushes you and challenges your resolve. I have a feeling all of this is a test by the greater movie/writing gods to make me better. But, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m craving waking up knowing what I’m working towards and being excited about it even if it’s a merciless process (which most writing is). This is the first time in a long time that I’m not creatively enthralled with a project and/or busting ass in pre/post/production. This kind of quiet drives me crazy. I might have to go make a beef stew to stay busy.

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