A Gourmet Weekend

Judge Kristy and I at wrap - tired but exhilarated from shooting the finale episode!

I’ve been MIA from my blog because we went into pre-pro and production on a new Moovision project. This time the web series was a competition cooking show called GOURMOO COOKOFF. This summer, we filmed a teaser video to ignite interest in the show and elicit online submissions. The teaser was fun to film and was mostly about introducing the world to the show and Eric Rosen, our amazing host and food/wine/travel writer.

The show was an ABSOLUTE BLAST  to shoot!  Our stars were  four real-life cooks, selected from user-generated submissions. They were so positive, fun, gracious and talented in the kitchen. Thank you Laurie, Morena, Nicole and Robert for being wonderful to work with and for teaching me a few things about cooking!

Similarly, I adored our judging panel – celebrity chef and cookbook author Chef Lala, celebrity chef Marlon Alexander (fresh off cooking for KISS on their last tour) and popular food blogger and personal chef Kristy Bernardo. I was delighted by how fast the judges clicked with each other and became a perfect panel of opinions – they respected one another while always bringing their own individual opinions. They offered expert opinions full of insight, inspiration, and humor.

Plus we had four cameras rolling pretty much ALL the time and an excellent crew of tried ‘n true talents and new faces I hope work with again and soon. It all adds up to one thing:

I KNOW this show is going to be great.

I go into the edit room to begin the director’s cut a week from today.


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One Response to “A Gourmet Weekend”

  1. the wicked noodle Says:

    ummm…how did I miss this? This was such a great experience, Anna, and you’re right – everyone came together really well and we all had a blast. Doesn’t hurt that you’re such an amazing director 😉

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