Chipped Tooth ‘Cause Horses

The chunk of tooth that I spit out after I face-slammed into my horse's neck.

I’m a chunk of tooth less than I was three hours ago. Tonight at my weekly riding lesson, good old Pennslyvania was spooking himself silly at the fences. However with a solid, deep-seated sitting trot and the acceptance of always being left behind like an event rider (to protect myself), we’d made it over everything, even the scary faux brick wall. We approached a vertical gate, and he balked leftward (always left with him). I made him walk up to the absolutely-not-terrifying fence that was scaring the manure out of him. He eyeballed it from an inch away. And jumped it – from a standstill!

My chin SLAMMED into his neck as he catapulted himself over the jump. I wobbled, lost a stirrup, righted myself from his mane FAST and didn’t fall off. We’re four years running on that accomplishment. As a stablemate said – I’m due. But my fine wasn’t paid tonight in a face full of dirt. Instead, I found myself spitting a chunk of tooth out into my gloved hand. Bad ass.

So, I begin work tonight on:

– reading a short novel of which I already read the script adaptation and for which I’ll be pitching to rewrite. I have a call tomorrow to get some pre-pitch questions out of the way. I love the concept and source material and am already digging the ideas I have to make a rewrite stronger.

– reviewing Moovision Gourmoo Contestants just like our judges will be later this week. FYI – we kick into pre-pro on that web series (that I’m also directing) on 11/22! We shoot December 4 and 5 in Pasadena. I’m very excited for the reality-show styled shoot.

–  transcribing my notes from this morning’s four hour equally brutal and awesome creative meeting Gabe, Aaron and I had on my next original feature screen play: Untitled Earthquake Movie. Because of immediate, higher priority work deadlines on all of our plates, we hadn’t developed this project for about six weeks. Over Gabe’s bagel, my breakfast burrito, and Aaron’s messy sandwich, we found that the time and space gave us valuable perspective. We could now see that the infant project was riddled with weaknesses. Which sucked. We pushed through and by the end of the meeting, our muse was applauding us. We made great new strides and I’m more convinced than ever that this script is going to be a blast to write.

But the coolest thing about all of this? I’m doing it with an intact tongue. I certainly wouldn’t be if I had been sticking it out when Pennsylvania jumped that fence. I’m not forgetting to be grateful for the little but important things.

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