Log Me In

Last week I saw two films that I’d been eagerly awaiting. I went to the premiere (thanks Leigh Anne!) of LET ME IN, the remake of the haunting Swedish film LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, and I caught  THE SOCIAL NETWORK, the movie I’ve been the most excited to see all year — excluding, of course, SECRETARIAT which has an unfair advantage (in my world) simply because it’s about a horse. As any  horse lover will tell you, we are tortured by the lack of awesome horse movies, so when a good one comes out, it’s like we won the lottery on our birthday which happens to fall on Christmas just this once. SECRETARIAT would have my full attention even if this was the year THE GODFATHER was released because as a true equine lover AND filmmaker, an epic, gorgeously crafted, female-driven, true story about an unbelievable horse beating the odds is like candy corn for me. I will never have enough.

Back to my point:

I saw LET ME IN and THE SOCIAL NETWORK within four days of each other. The masterful storytelling evident in both films inspired me to procrastinate from doing my own writing and devote myself to the creation of a mash-up trailer for a hybrid film that I wished existed called LOG ME IN. LOG ME IN is the story of a pre-pubescent boy desperate to sign into Facebook. Check it out:

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One Response to “Log Me In”

  1. Annika Says:

    Clever mash-up! Curious how you liked LET ME IN compared to original.

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