Me and Sloppy

Last week Easy A, a female-driven teen comedy, landed second in the box office and Sophie Jordan’s young adult novel, Firelight, was nabbed by Mandalay Pictures, Entertainment Weekly’s “Pop Watch” blog asked What Young Adult Novel Should Hollywood Adapt Next?

At the top of EW’s list is Megan McCafferty‘s Sloppy Firsts. I couldn’t agree more. Sloppy Firsts has moved hundreds of thousands of readers to LOL, scream OMG! ♥ Marcus Flutie, and find a BFF in Jessica Darling, the series’ protagonist. I’m one of those readers, and for the last five years I’ve been thinking of the book as a film. In Jessica’s one-of-a-kind voice, the novel brilliantly, hilariously, and heartbreakingly captures the humor and drama of the teen experience. Jessica “Notso” Darling is an unforgettable, modern day heroine who we’ve been waiting for since Molly Ringwald abandoned the throne.

My absolute passion for Megan’s NYT best selling “Jessica Darling” series lead Gabe Reiter (Taurus Road Productions) and I to option Sloppy Firsts with The Operating Room earlier this year.

Since then I adapted the book to a screenplay. The script is now being considered by buyers who will hopefully agree with EW’s rallying call and the huge audience who spent around $791 million supporting the Twilight franchise and who are certainly hungry for their own Hughes-esque classic. I know I am.


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85 Responses to “Me and Sloppy”

  1. Briel K. Says:

    I can’t wait to see what happens with this!

  2. Anna Says:

    I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!!!!

  3. Kristina Says:

    I would love to see Jessica Darling on the big screen! I’ve been imagining what Marcus Flutie would look like for ages!

  4. Cristy Says:

    Please make this into a movie!!!!

  5. Monica Says:

    I am really excited about this! It will be great to see such a lovely book filmed. Also, I think everyone will love the story about Jessica Darling.

  6. Kaiti Says:

    One of the first things I thought after I finished this book was what an incredible movie it would be. I would absolutely love it if Sloppy Firsts became a movie.

  7. Jennifer Says:


  8. Anna Says:

    Sloppy Firsts fans are the best!!! What are some scenes that you guys think belong in the movie?

  9. Janee Says:

    I’ve loved this series for years and nothing else would bring out the inner fan girl in me than a movie version.

  10. Jess Says:

    this would make me INCREDIBLY happy

  11. Kayleigh Says:

    please do this!!! i would be so happy. i’ve been waiting YEARS for this to happen.

  12. Tina Says:

    I would love to see all these books become movies. I am a fan of all the books.

  13. Michelle Says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to see Sloppy Firsts made into a movie!!! I have been thinking of re-reading this series just because I miss Jessica Darling and her sense of humor! Now with a movie I can watch it over and over again! I hope this happens!!!

  14. Erin Says:

    I would go totally nuts to see this as a movie!!!! There is a complete following of people who would like to see Marcus Flutie actualized. Let’s make it happen!!!

  15. corey Says:

    YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!! This so needs to happen. I’ve been dying to see Jessica and Marcus on the big screen! 🙂

  16. Brigid Says:

    If this was made into a movie I would literally scream with excitement! I love the jessia darling series and cannot wait to see who they would pick to play her in a movie! Please please please make it happennnn

  17. Loric Says:

    As a film major and HUGE Jessica Darling fan, my sister and I have fantasy-cast this book as a movie every few years as our tastes changed. If it’s done well, this could be a potentially classic film right up there with 10 Things I Hate About You. Do. It.

    Scenes that HAVE to be included:
    When Marcus is making out with his latest girl (Mia), looking Jessica straight in the eye.
    Jessica’s freak-out in the park that time forgot
    The pseudo-kiss in Marcus’ Caddy.


  18. Helen Says:

    Oh god, I LOVE the Jessica Darling series. I just would be worried about how they’d portray Marcus. Because Marcus is AWESOME and I wouldn’t want that fucked up.

  19. Nicole Says:

    I have read every book in this series. I LOVE this genre- highschool, first love and anything 80’s. I am no longer a YA , but something about YA literature always lures me back.

  20. Elizabeth Says:

    There is nothing I would love more than seeing Jessica Darling on the big screen! She has been with me through middle school, high school, and now college. She is one of the most timeless and relatable characters I have seen in a novel. This really is something that needs to happen!

  21. leah Says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see sloppy firsts as a movie! Jessica Darling is so relatable and tough and awesome.

  22. Dana Says:

    Please make this into a movie! It is by far one of my favorite teen books and is incredibly awesome.

  23. Emma Says:

    really really really hope this happens, the best series of books ever 😀

  24. Brittany Says:

    That would be awesome!

  25. Mara D Says:

    I would die and go to heaven if sloppy firsts and the rest of the J.Dar books were made into a movie!!!! But I think for the characters to work they need to choose no name actors, and the hottest smart guy bad boy hunk ever to play Marcus Flutie. Mmm

  26. Shannon Says:

    This movie would do so good! You feel like you know the characters so much in the books as if they are real people! Please please make a movie!! I am madly in love with these books

  27. Heather Says:

    Oh man, I really really want this to happen… so hard! eeeeek Favorite scenes that I would like to see in the movie – the nurses office scene and the midnight phone calls (!!!)

  28. Amy Says:

    I have read the books and have read them all 3 times, I love Jessica Darling mostly cause I’m 16 years old and have so much in common with her, i would love if they made a movie on the book, The first time i read the book i was hooked by the third book i was reading them with in a day, i just couldn’t put it down, if they made a movie it would matter if it was good or bad, it would become my favourite movie in the world, I see myself in Jessica Darling and I’m sure a lot of people do shes the girl that’s just ordinary and a nothing just like half the girls in this world, most of them feel like nobody’s and Jessica darling makes herself a somebody, i live through her, Please make a movie!!!

  29. Emmie Says:


  30. Anna Says:

    I have been waiting for this movie so long that I originally thought Hilary Duff would make the perfect, and completely age appropriate, Bridget. I’d see this movie five times in theaters, I promise.

  31. Tammy Says:

    Oh, I would love, love, LOVE to see Sloppy Firsts made into a movie!

  32. Meghan Says:

    That would be so so beyond great!

  33. ash Says:

    I would love to see sloppy firsts become a movie! I think it would be a huge success!

  34. patty Says:

    I am 23, but the JD in me is still huge. I would drag the husband to go see this movie. Make it happen!!

  35. heather Says:

    please make this a movie!!! i’ve been waiting to see this on the big screen for ever now!!! i can’t wait to see it through the eyes of another! =)

  36. Anna Says:

    The caddy ride with the Manilow…and when she agrees to pee in the yogurt container for him… Also, I graduated the same year as Jessica, so I loved the early 2000s references…but I don’t mind if that changes 🙂

  37. Jenn Says:

    I’ve been hoping, wishing, praying for this to be made into a movie! Just please please don’t try to shove all 5 into one movie and please please do a better job at casting than they did with Twilight – it ruined not only the movie for me, but the entire book series. So pleeeaase put as much thought into it as all us fans have over the years!! 🙂

  38. kate Says:

    Ahh! I hope this happens! I want to see a real life Marcus!

  39. Jessica Says:

    I’m excited, but nervous for these books to be films, but only because I grew up as the same age as Jessica Darling every time a new book came out and I’ve seen horrible adaptations. I’m not saying that you specifically will disappoint, but please tread carefully.

  40. Lisa Says:

    I hope there is a movie!! I L.O.V.E the books!!!

  41. Sarah Says:


  42. Karen Says:

    I understand everyone’s hesitation to see this book turned into a movie but what I’ve found is no matter what happens on screen, I’ll always enjoy books for the way they are. I’m a huge Twilight fan but did not like the first movie at all! That doesn’t lessen my adoration for the book itself – or the next two movies. I’m sure that no matter what happens with a Sloppy First movie (or sequels) my love for the book will never change!

  43. Quin Says:

    I would love Love LOVE to see the entire seires turned into a movie! I am almost positive that everyone will fall in love with it and everyone will see a little something of themselves in Jessica (notso) Darling.

    SN: I say almost because there will always be haters.

  44. Jana G Says:

    Please please please make Sloppy Firsts into a movie!!!!

  45. Kimberly Says:

    I first read this book when I was 18 or 19, right before September 11th, and have read every book in the series no less than 5 times. Every experience and emotion that Jessica has had in these books is an experience that I relate to or have had myself on some level. I have been dying to see this book made into a movie! It would be amazing! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Make this happen!

  46. Christi Says:

    A movie based on the Jessica Darling series would be amazing, so long as with other books, there is a movie for each novel 😉

  47. Anna Says:

    Lots of you are fans of TWILIGHT (like me) but I still think SLOPPY would be the movie I’d watch over and over whereas once was enough for TWILIGHT. If you agree, let me know why!?!?

  48. Alisha Says:

    I would LOVE to see the film version of Sloppy Firsts, so long as Megan McCafferty was involved in the project to keep it real, and help translate literary Jessica into film Jessica.

  49. Kate Says:

    Make this movie but DEFINITELY make it awesome!!

    (Also, if you need a Jessica Darling…I’m in! 😉 )

  50. Rebecca Skala Says:


  51. Bridget Says:

    A Jessica Darling movie would be awesome. I love the books!

  52. cat Says:

    I would love to see the series adapted! I aged as Jessica did and there is something very unique about how the stories are told. Changing the time frame could ruin the adaptation. I agree that no-name actors would be best, but talent comes first. I hate the twilight movies. Once was enough. But Jessica, I read every book at least once a year. If the movie is done right it could be amazing. And if every book evolves then I’m dying to see the ecstasy scene. It’s one of my favorite to read. This could be a throwback to john cusack 80’s movies with a fantastic narrative breaking the fourth wall. I’m dyong to see it.

  53. Alexandria Says:

    This would be so amazing!!!

  54. Atom Says:

    A movie would be brilliant, no doubt. But what about television?

  55. TheBadassMuppet Says:

    An Sloppy Firsts movie could be great! I’ve been picturing Lou Pucci, main man of “Thumbsucker,” as Marcus for years.

    The “Tongue-Kissing Cousins” sequence is a MUST, I think. I’m 24, read it at 15 and it still makes me laugh. The Hy and Paul storylines are terrific too. Overall, I think the element that I’d want most from the books is Jessica’s voice. What sets her apart from other teenage protagonists is her acid wit, foul mouth and unsugarcoated negativity, and that’s what made her so relatable to me. The fact that she may well even suffer from depression seemed a subversive godsend. Often main adolescent characters in movies come off quite moderated. I loved “Easy A” but felt like they toned Olive’s language and sexual thoughts down, probably to keep the PG-13.

  56. Lisa Says:

    Please make into a movie! It’s so funny and Jessica is one of the most relate-able characters out there!

  57. Arie Reiter Says:

    Hi Anna, how can i help ,we need to make some big noise for sloppy first for it to become a movie!!!

  58. RunnerMom4 Says:

    Sloppy Firsts is one of those books. A book which as soon as you finish it, you begin thinking of who should be cast as the characters if it becomes a movie. I would absolutely see this!

  59. Ciarra Larkin Says:

    DO IT!!! I loved the book & a movie would make it even better 🙂

  60. Dana Says:

    As a 31 I felt a little weird picking up a teen novel but then I read it! It’s so fantastic and I can’t wait for the movie!

  61. Amy Says:

    I just read the whole series after reading about it on your blog. I would love a movie version! Good luck Anna!

  62. Melissa Says:

    YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I think a movie would be an amazing idea! Of course, it should stay as true to the books as possible, and not become a bubblegum version of it, cause Jessica would hate that. I really think there should be the scene where Jessica pukes on Paul’s shoes. Just epic, cause we’ve all been there. Ahhhhh!!! I also think it would be important to include a voice over of Jessica explaining how Scotty has evolved from “Scotty the sweet lovable jock” to “Scott the sex machine” and how she would mess up his name because she has trouble remembering the names of people she doesn’t know. I always found that that was a really pivotal part of the book. I also agree with one of the above comments, Jessica’s voice shouldn’t be censored to obtain a PG-13 rating. Jessica’s at times brutally honest commentary defines her character.

  63. Mae Says:

    Please do this! But do it without screwing it up… don’t lose Jessica’s voice, keep Megan McCafferty involved in the project. I believe that it could be done right, and I’d really like to see someone at least try! 🙂

  64. Lizzy Says:

    Last week, my copy of Sloppy Firsts literally fell apart because I’ve read it so many times. It’s almost embarrassing. A (good) movie adaptation would be heavenly.

  65. Ashley Says:

    Oh my goodness, this is the best news I’ve heard all day!! Sloppy Firsts and the rest of the series remain my favorite books – I can read them over and over again without ever getting sick of the characters or all that happens to them.

    Best of luck to you with this project! Please do all of us Jess Darling fans proud!

  66. Arielle Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that there is actually a decent chance of this happening! The Jessica Darling series has been one of my favorite series for the last eight years, and I would love to see it make it to the big screen. I’d love to see how it was adapted!

  67. Nina Says:

    Sloppy Firsts NEEDS to become a movie…it is a perfect book to be turned into a movie, and people aren’t even fans of the book will love it! The world needs a female like Jessica Darling on the big screen, many c an relate.

  68. samara Says:

    can’t WAIT for you to make it happen, anna!!!! and tell me what i can do to help!!

  69. Jessica Says:

    I have spent the last five years thinking about this book as a film too. ha, but mostly, what Marcus Flutie will look like in the flesh. 😉
    Seriously though, I really am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens to this. If it gets on its way and is made into a film (which in truth, is drastically long over due) it is sure to be just lovely. I really hope Hollywood thinks so as well.

  70. threeturtles Says:

    Jesus, please do not do this to a wonderful novel.

  71. Aileen Says:

    As long as the movie stayed true to the tone of book(s), this would be freaking amazing. I’ve been picturing this in my head for years!

  72. L Says:

    No offense to the OP, but I’d be very wary of seeing a Sloppy Firsts movie written by a Twilight fan. I love Sloppy Firsts so much because it’s so beautifully and intelligently written, and basically everything that Twilight is NOT. The story is primarily about Jessica, not Marcus&Jessica, and I worry that Twilight fans might be the kind of people who focus too hard on the romantic bits and not enough on the subtle subplots and Jessica’s amazing character development. I would be really upset to see it dumbed down to a rom-com and I hope that doesn’t happen.

  73. aissacan Says:

    yes yes yes!! i’ll be the first one in line!!

  74. Esther Says:

    Jessica Darling is the best 🙂
    Her attitude, perspective of high school is so dead on and amazzinnggg!!!!
    Make this into a film!

  75. alyssa Says:

    Turning Sloppy Firsts into a movie would be both amazing and nerve-wracking for us devoted fans. If it’s cast well and stays true to the novel, I have NO doubt that it would be one of the best things ever. Seriously. Ever. Make it happen!

  76. Caterina Says:

    I would LOVE to see “Sloppy Firsts” as a movie!

  77. Sara Says:

    I agree with L, while I would love nothing more than to see Sloppy Firsts on the big screen, it would absolutely break my heart if it was dumbed down to another teenage rom-com. Jessica is a strong, smart character, who speaks for herself and acts for herself, while battling everyday teenage issues at the same time. Not only does she feel like the most relatable character since Holden Caufiled, she’s a great role model for young girls. Let that be shown on screen! 😀

  78. Nix Says:

    This would MAKE my life. <3333333333333333333333333333

  79. Tomasina Says:

    It changed my life. Yessssssssssssssssss.

  80. Cece Says:

    I turned many times to this book when I felt out of place, or in need of stimulation. I know I would see it!

  81. Alice Says:

    Single best series of books in the whole world!!
    Jessica Darling is my best friend. and says all my inner thoughts.
    i wish she were real every day.
    this book is life changing and is very adaptable to the screen. help jessica darling reach wider audiences!!

  82. Laura Hoepper Says:

    I have been obsessed with this series for 7 years now, I’ve read each book about a million times. I am never ever pleased with casting in book to movies but I saw this site and seriously if this movie was made, even if the script was terrible, the female ideas are flawless, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself.

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