Milk and American Justice

This week has been fun.

I was put on a jury on Monday so I’ve been unexpectedly serving the American justice system all week. I can’t wait to talk about the trial and the experience after we come to a verdict.

While doing my civil duty, my post team and I were galloping down the homestretch on the Lactaid “Moovision” project that I’ve been on since April. On Friday, we deliver two webseries and a teaser video for a third series that we’re shooting in December.

Thus, this week, before and after my court hours, I went to In A Place Productions and worked with the extradoinary color-correction team consisting of  Milton and Augie. Despite my Boston DP’s complaints about the cameras we used, we were lauding them this week. It’s amazing the amount of information Canon’s 5D, 7D, and 1D’s captured. Milton was able to transform cringe-worthily overexposed shots into glorious images!  Thank you In a Place peeps!

Meanwhile, I collaborated with Chris Westlake via text messages from the courthouse and phone calls at the lunch hour to guide him with small revisions on the three final music cues.  Luckily, Chris and I have a shorthand after doing so many projects together.

Starting Sunday, another usual suspect joined the post team — Mr. Andy Hay! Andy and I did our spotting session before the week began so he could dig into the sound design and mix asap. He’s managed miracles with fixing the sound messes our Boston mixer left us. The last one of the ten to-be-delivered videos is coming in momentarily.

And, I finished reading THE HANDMAID’S TALE by Margaret Atwood, which will be a new favorite for me. I devoured the novel, but the ending is driving me nuts. Eventually, I’ll probably decide it’s a perfect conclusion, but, right now, I want more. I care about our narrator and want the closure of knowing her fate. Though the point is probably that she doesn’t know it so I’m more “with” her than ever and, really, the story is everything that happened before those last pages, how she’s evolved, but… still… I want the bow.

Next week I’ll get back to work on my next feature, the UNTITLED EARTHQUAKE MOVIE, but, rightly so with the Moovision delivery and jury duty, we paused it.

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