Hot in the Morning

I’m on a roll today:

Did a lot of brainstorming and a little writing on the Untitled Earthquake project.

Prepped for our big post production meeting on MOOLAH! (one Miami cut exists) and MOONEWS (all four episodes are in rough cuts) by re-watching all the first cuts of the shows. Damn. These are really good first cuts. Makes me look good. Thanks, Editor JR!

Organized all my notes for our motion graphics whiz kid and revised the music delivery schedule for our composer.  Bring on this State of the Union Post Meeting!

Edited and posted this week’s Top Five List for LilyDidIt. It’s a funny, topical and warmly personal list from Shannon Corder: Top Five Ways the Heat is Getting to Me.

Revised and uploaded Jim Rowley’s first batch of astrological funcasts for LilyDidIt. My favorite is Cancer’s horoscope: “Hoarding is an unhealthy lifestyle—unless you’re hoarding gold.” He’ll deliver a new set of ‘scopes on August 2.

And in an hour, Seth picks me up to take me to get DEPUTIZED so I can marry him and Kristen in three weeks. For half our drive, I’ll probably still be giving post notes but knowing Seth he’ll also probably be on the phone. We’ll talk over hotdogs at Portillos.  Yes, I said, HOT DOGS AT PORTILLOS! Been dreaming about today since Seth told me we’d be in a ten mile radius of the lone Cali-based Chicago hot dog palace. Dad, today’s dog is dedicated to you.

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