I’m flying out today to shoot MOOLAH! in Boston on Saturday!

Miami episode shoot was fantastic – no rain, no Moolah! truck stuck in the sand, no overtime, no over budget, no shortage of contestants and TONS of great moments and even a $300 winner! ($300 is the most a team can win). However, the start of the day was tough. Without a familiar crew, a tech scout, an AD, or a pre-production meeting with crewheads, and with the challenge of producing and shooting a live event that has never been rehearsed, the first half of the day had some stumbles to say that least. The crew rallied and with Gabe and my direction were able to find our way through the growing pains.

By afternoon, we got in a rhythm and cranked through contestants, draw big crowds, and get covered by the Miami Herald. I’m so impressed

Our host (Coronado) and his co-star, the Moomobile.

withCoronado’s (our host) ability to perform on the fly and engage strangers and pull a crowd, he’s the PERFECT guy for this role. Apparently the spectators thought so too. Check out the pics of him signing cowbells for little girls asking for his autograph.

I can’t wait to see how great everything goes in Boston now that we’ve run the show once. After that shoot, I want to do a post about the differences in directing something like MOOLAH! (live, game show, in public with the public) and scripted, narrative stuff. They inform each other but are completely and “udderly” different.

Wish me luck this Saturday!

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2 Responses to “Miami MOOLAH!”

  1. The Cows Come Home « Anna Christopher | News Says:

    […] MOOLAH! is a traveling dairy-themed game show set outside of our moo-velous Moomobile (ice cream truck transformed into a cow). We awarded thousands of dollars to milk-savvy contestants […]

  2. - What's Moo? Says:

    […] A director lives for that moment. It’s that hour in time when a project breathes on its own. It inhabits its own life and becomes a living “being” of sorts. It’s hilarious that on Moolah! that magic moment was when Moo Mobile came into existence. She’s a special creature in her own right. […]

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