Doodle Break

I’m still juggling jet lag from my 23 hours in Boston on business and the lots and lots to do because of that business, so I was up at 7AM without an alarm. That said, it wasn’t just the To-Do list that nudged me out of bed. I woke up because I’m excited.

I’m loving all the projects that I’m working on and all the exciting things that are ahead for them. At the same time, I feel like if I bore of any of the creative-work demands in my life, I have a slew of other interests that push me outta bed  like “If I get up now, I could go to the farmer’s market and get a new basil plant to replace my old one; I want to convert the pond to a herb vegetable garden, what is the first step in doing that?; I could also buy some fresh arugula and make that salad read about in a magazine; oh, that magazine had a great birthday gift idea; today’s Tarik’s birthday! I get to call Tarik! But first, I want to do all those tiny grammar/typo notes on my script; oh, an email with locations for the Miami shoot. Let’s look at those! Wait. I’m hungry. Maybe I should go to the farmer’s market…”

In hindsight, that stream-of-consciousness seems a little manic. But it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like fuel.

A result of this morning’s compulsion: reading an article I bookmarked yesterday when my focus needed to be on watching audition tapes. The how-to piece was about creating your own seamless web backgrounds on photoshop. Thanks to Mr. Jon Clark, I’ve upgraded photoshop and am running it on my gorgeous, new (as of a year ago), big screen iMac. I’m handling some some text/graphic-focused storyboards due next week with photoshop, so I decided to pocket the morning hours to do one of my favorite activities: becoming an even more kick ass amateur on photoshop. Below is the result.

I’m putting in a full day, possibly even going to a callback for one of my favorite choices for one of the webseries. He’s going out of the country when we’re doing the actual callbacks, but he’s too wonderful to miss putting on tape because of schedule. Plus, I’ve got a convo with my PD about the big set piece for the other series, a few more creative to-dos for the series, and some easy notes on the feature.  I celebrate a good day with GLEE at Universal Amphiltheater tonight! Thank you Mo for working your connections and scoring us the tickets!

One Response to “Doodle Break”

  1. Briel K. Says:

    I’m so annoyed! My friend, who actually works at Fox!, couldn’t get us tickets for any of the shows. Lame-o. I hope you have fun!

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