Where Have I Been?

I’m prepping a branded webseries!  Actually three of them. It’s a great project  that makes me laugh and the overall tone is right up my alley – funny, fresh and joyful.

We’re shooting in about a month in LA, Boston and Miami. Each series is a totally different genre than the others, so it’s exciting to be conceive three distinct approaches, narratives and looks. I know we will knock this one out of the park, but I also think I’m going to learn a lot because of the range of genre.

I’m glad that I have some of my favorites on the team, including Gabe from SLOPPY FIRSTS land who is line producing for me. We’ll deliver at the end of August right after I officiate my friends’ wedding and celebrate my 30th birthday. This is a big year, but I think the next will be even bigger.


2 Responses to “Where Have I Been?”

  1. Gabe Says:

    BIG year!

  2. Zimm The Series Says:

    Are these web series that you created? Is each one branded by the same company/sponsor or does each have someone different?

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