Support 140: The Film

Last June, 140 filmmakers in 140 locations simultaneously each filmed 140 seconds of “whatever they felt connected them to their home.” Frank Kelly organized the twitter-inspired production and edited the pieces together into a feature film. There was NO budget and Frank has never met or spoken to 90% of the filmmakers. This was all about the internet connecting us, baby. Frank finished the film just a few months ago. Congrats, Frank and the 140-team!

I contributed my 140 seconds to the project and got one of my images on the poster. (Shell with paper fortune, bottom left.)

On the eve of 140’s world premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival (4/23, 8pm, Edwards Island 6 Theaters, Newport Beach, CA), we’re raising money to print DVDs, make screening tapes, and pay for festival entry fees. Frank has set the deadline of May 1 to reach his target or he won’t use a penny of the money… even if he’s almost to the goal. Badass guy, huh?

Click HERE to watch the 140 trailer or support the film!


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