Queeney Weekend

In preparation for its first Bay Area forum, the Windrider Planning Committee screened many of the shorts that have been included in previous forums. They loved QUEEN OF CACTUS COVE all over again and invited me as a guest to participate in the three day festival!  I’m so excited to be involved… and to watch QoCC on a huge screen in HD. Haven’t done that more than once and that was four years ago.

About the Forum:

The Windrider Film Forum Bay Area is a unique, three day film festival experience heralding the voice and impact of the independent filmmaker, by creating an interactive atmosphere between filmmakers and film-goers. Windrider Film Forum is showcasing award-winning feature and short length films, over the three day program and inviting filmmakers of these films to host lively Q & A sessions after each screening.

Spawned from the Sundance Film Festival in 2005, John and Ed Priddy of the Priddy Brothers Production Company, Fuller Seminary, and the Angelus Student Film Festival, co-developed the concept of Windrider, as a forum for students and teachers interested in the intersection of film, culture and conversation.

QUEEN OF CACTUS COVE came into the Windrider fold when it won the Priddy Brothers award at the Angelus Student Film festival. QoCC then screened at the Windrider Forum at Sundance — such a fun trip, bonded there with my fellow AFI director and Angelus winner, Barbara Stepansky.

Besides being an honor, the award was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with John and Ed Priddy. The Priddy Brothers have been unwavering with their support of my work and belief in my talent.  As fellow filmmakers, I’ve sought their advice and excellent mentorship with APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER. They too produced a sports documentary: PURPLE STATE OF MIND.  It’ll be good to see them this weekend.

Friday night we’ve got a filmmaker dinner and then we’ll head off to the screening of Mark Ruffalo’s SYMPAHTY FOR DELICIOUS,* his feature film directorial debut which won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance. Mr. Ruffalo and the film’s writer/actor Christopher Thornton will be there for a Q&A afterwards… hopefully they’ll stick around and go to the filmmaker after-party too!

On Saturday, they’ll screen the shorts in the afternoon (an excellent, three-film program even if you don’t dig on QoCC). We’ll do a Q&A (which I love), meet fans/filmgoers of the Forum and refresh ourselves at the “Reception with Filmmakers.” Then we head into THE ANSWER MAN (Jeff Daniels, Lauren Graham, followed by a Q&A with writer John Hindman. Lots of movies and lots of fun.

The icing on the cake:

Film-wise – they are doing a sound and picture tech check on Saturday afternoon. YES! So rarely does this happen for shorts.  It makes me so much more confident that the film will play at it’s best.

Person-wise – my brother lives in San Francisco! I’ll be staying with him, and my parents drive in from Reno on Saturday. They’ll all be there supporting me, and we’ll all get to watch QoCC together in premium condition… I don’t know if we’ve ever done that as a family before.

Plus, my college roommate Kara (did her wedding video) lives nearby, so we’ll get to visit.

I’m staying until Monday night to take advantage of the  rarity of all four Christophers being in the same city.

*Acclaimed actor Mark Ruffalo makes his feature film directorial debut and co-stars in SYMPATHY FOR DELICIOUS alongside the main character and screenwriter of the film, Christopher Thornton. The all-star cast also includes Orlando Bloom, Juliette Lewis, Noah Emmerich, James Karen, John Caroll Lynch, Robert Widsom and Laura Linney.

SYMPATHY FOR DELICIOUS, which won the Special Jury Prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, is an edgy rock-and-roll drama that creatively embraces many of life’s issues; the lasting effects of tragedy, the search for meaning and the ultimate power of redemption. But the message the audience will truly walk away with is that “You get the healing that you need, not the healing that you want.”

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